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Georgianna Lennox
 Posted: Jul 2 2012, 05:50 AM
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Georgianna Lennox

The Human Registry

Name: Georgianna Josephine Lennox
Nicknames/Alias': George, Gianna, GI George, Nox.
Age: 26
Birthday: 8th March
Prior Occupation: Medical Intern
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HS8856TS12
Level of Education: Medical School


Father: Ben Lennox
Mother: Julie Lennox
Children: None
Siblings: Brother: Peter Lennox


Height: 5'8''
Hair Colour: Dark blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Bethany Joy Galleoti


Likes and Dislikes: Georgianna loves meeting new people and finding new things. She likes hearing people’s stories and creating new ones to tell others. She hates dull people, and finds boredom the most loathsome thing on the planet. She’d rather do something she hated than do nothing… because at least then she’d have a bad but maybe funny story to tell. Another love of Georgianna’s is art and music.
Georgianna’s favourite food is her own foot, or at least, anyone would assume it’s her favourite food from the way she is constantly shoving it into her mouth.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Georgianna is very fickle, and while she loathes being bored, she finds she loses interest in things and people quickly. She’s flighty and unreliable with times and dates, but is loyal to her close friends.
She's incredibly smart, though you wouldn't think it when you first meet her. She'll chat about the most random things and make bad jokes, so discovering she actually made it thought medical school can sometimes come as a bit of a shock.

General Personality: Georgianna Lennox is a generally friendly and cheerful woman. Intelligent and friendly, she is pretty easy to get to know. She’s a favourite amongst her colleagues, and is always willing to help someone out in a jam. However, being cheerful all the time comes with a price, and Georgianna is very closed off when it comes to her emotions. When she is upset, she shuts down, or worse still, she pretends nothing is wrong and throws herself into whatever fun she can find, sometimes throwing herself a little hard.

Despite her cheerfulness though, Georgianna can really knuckle down, especially when it comes to work. She’s devoted to her work and loves a good mystery. She would often work back to back shifts if she was needed in the hospital.

Most in life, Georgianna loves an adventure. Before the Adveni took over, she would often disappear on her days off, returning with obscure and almost unbelievable stories. She is also the creator of rather random games. Remember that card game Cheat? Well, you'll wish you didn't when you play Georgianna's version which involves swapping clothes each time someone yells cheat. Lets put it this way, become friends with Georgianna, and you'll never know a dull moment.

Georgianna is known as Nox in certain circles, a shortening of her surname she picked up after the Adveni took over.


Are you a Sect Member: No
Name of Sect:


Georgianna Lennox grew up in San Francisco, always a bright and attentive girl. By the time she started High School, she had an obsession with becoming a doctor, even though her parents believed with her fickle nature, the appeal would wear off. Working in restaurants as a runner, on the Pier handing out fliers, and any other job she could get, Georgianna saved up as much as she could through her teenage years.

College and Medical School were, Georgianna believes, some of the best years of her life. She partied, she stayed out late, she fell asleep in lectures only to have to work twice as hard for tests. In short, she made the most of every second.

Georgianna was a about six months into her Internship when the Adveni revealed themselves. She travelled to disaster zones to help injured civilians and soldiers, even letting some hide out wherever she was staying. Very quickly, she was given the nickname Nox amongst soldiers she had helped.

Coming to rest in Adlai once the war had been declared won by the Adveni, and the soldiers went to ground, Georgianna registered herself and managed to get a job as a barmaid in the Rion district. With her friendly and easy to talk to nature, Georgianna quickly became a favourite of a few Adveni Volsonnae, and while she was not for sale, they agreed to do her a favour. So, with Adveni contacts in place, Georgianna negotiated to be allowed into Lyndbury once a week to help their injured humans, and any injured Adveni if was needed.

No one really knows how Georgianna knows about the Sects, nor how she found their camps in the subways, but she’s completely open about her knowledge and has no qualms about dealing with different people. For a small fee, say a good meal, a comfortable place to crash, or a weapon if she needs one, she'll even try to get you information or pass messages to inmates in Lyndbury. She's also occasionally been known to swipe a bottle of alcohol from her job in the Rion district.

Updates: The last few months, Georgianna has not had an easy time of it. Mistaken for a Drysta on sale in the yards, the owner of Zselket's, Chow, took an unnatural interest in Georgianna and upon learning he could not buy her legally, poisoned one of his Olcynity to lure Georgianna in under false pretenses. Kept for six days, Georgianna was beaten and sexually assaulted until she was finally rescued by a guard from the Compound she'd been on good terms with, Osiris Gage.

Falling into drug use in the hopes of forgetting what had happened to her, Georgianna met Keiran Zanetti, a Sergeant in the Eighth Army. The two, sexually attracted to one another, began a no strings attached sexual relationship, and while they refuse that their relationship is anything more than casual, Georgianna found herself happier when she was with Keiran than she had since before her torture from Chow.

Running into a previous fling she'd believed dead, Alec Cartwright, Georgianna discovered that Alec's death was a cover-up for the truth that he'd been taken as a Drysta. The two, while enjoying each other's company previously, had fought and parted ways because Alec believed Georgianna's work at the Compound would get her in trouble. Once Alec discovered what had happened to Georgianna, and her present escape in drugs, they fought again, parting ways.

Georgianna fell further into drug use having become friends with Nathaniel Raddick. When the girl Nathaniel was in love with, Angelica Wood, was taken to the compound, Georgianna helped Nathaniel make a deal, five fights in exchange for freeing Angelica. Unfortunately, however, Nathaniel lost his last fight, forcing Georgianna further down her hole of denial about her life and her use of drugs.

Working in Crisco, Georgianna became friends with Adveni barman, Dimitri Zakhaev. What she didn't realise, however, was that Dimitri, friends with Chow, had made a bet that he could succeed in breaking Georgianna where Chow had failed. The two became close friends, Georgianna never knowing that Dimitri had fatal plans for her.

When a barmaid at the club, Lilah, turned up dead, a love note to Georgianna pinned to her chest, Georgianna turned to Dimitri for comfort, but things only escalated as Dimtri took Georgianna's knight in shining armour, Osiris Gage, hostage and began sending pieces of him to Georgianna, ending in his head.

Georgianna sought refuge with Keiran Zanetti and the Eighth Army, but Keiran, a traitor to the Eighth and informant to the Adveni, had agreed to hand Georgianna over for a price. Keiran had never known why the Adveni in question wanted Georgianna, but soon learned when Georgianna told him everything that had happened with Lilah and Osiris.

Not knowing there were any other plans, Georgianna agreed to meet Keiran in the park, where Keiran, having doubts about his betrayal, drugged Georgianna with a roofie (while she was already high on cocaine and tequila,) in the hopes of making it look like she'd overdosed, ending Dimitri's obsession with her.

TBC when the plot is done

Role Play Sample

The small pub buzzed with activity. Couples sat enjoying a cosy drink and snacks, no one in the world except for them. Groups of men milled around chatting loudly and laughing in the deep rumbling laughs that shook through your skin. A few say moping at the bar, carefully nursing their drink as if it were their only friend.

In one corner, through the groups of those standing around talking, a full table sat, all laughing as they played cards. Occasionally one would shout loudly in excitement and then a deal would be made, occasionally gaining some interest from those around them.

Sometimes those at the table would fall into a serious silences, only muttering the shortest of phrases before their reply would be taken, cards pushed across the table.
Between a wiry man in his late twenties with hair so curly it looked fake, and a large man who looked intimidating but those around him knew to be as soft as the Muggle Andrex Puppy, sat Georgianna, throwing her head back and laughing loudly.

With her hair tied up in a messy knot high on her head, wisps and strands fell down her neck and framed her face, dancing as she moved. The men watched her, the wiry man with a dreamy look on his face that someone could still look so feminine dressed the way she was. The pair of army green galoshes and black wellington boots were easily three sizes too big for her, the galoshes held up by thick black braces. The checked blue shirt was also far too long and hung open over a thin white strappy top, and she had a bright orange tie fastened around her head, knotted at the side where the rest of the tie swayed and jumped with her movements. In short, she looked utterly ridiculous.

Holding her cards against her chest, Georgianna surveyed the man to her left with intense suspicion, frowning as she glanced down at her cards.

”Three eights!” the man declared, placing three cards face down on the pile.

“CHEAT!” Georgianna cried at the top of her lungs, turning to the man properly.

The man leaned forward, taking the three cards from the top of the pile and turning them over, three eights in his hand.

”Sorry GI George,” he said with a rumbling laugh. “Not your lucky day, is it?”
Georgianna pouted and leaned back in her chair, placing her cards face down on the table.

“Fine, fine, what do you want, Heath?” she asked, moving to stand.

He looked her up and down thoughtfully before crossing his arms. “Your little white top.”

Georgianna glared at him, scandalised.

“Not a fucking chance,” she answered. “I’m not sitting in a bar full of people in my bra and your galoshes.”

For a moment, she stared down at her ensemble before shrugging.

“You can have your wellies back!” she bargained. “But I want your wrist band.”

The man nodded and pulled off the thick leather wrist band, handing it over to Georgianna, who pulled off the wellies and pushed them towards him. Slipping the wrist band onto her wrist, Georgianna admired it for a moment before leaning forward, grabbing the pile of cards and sweeping them towards her.

With a handful of cards, Georgianna reached out and picked up her pint of beer, drinking a few mouthfuls before trying to sort the cards out.

”come on George,” the man to her right urged, drumming his fingers against the table.

Georgianna glared playfully at him before continuing to organise the large stack of cards in her hand.

“Alright, alright,” she finally said, pulling cards out with precision from the pack. A three, a five, a queen, and the joker she’d somehow managed to pick up, even thought they weren’t playing with jokers. Placing them face down in the middle of the table, she leaned back in her seat. “Four aces.”


The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 26
How you found us: This site is my illegitimate love child
Any Previous Characters: 7 others.

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 Posted: Jul 9 2012, 01:56 PM
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