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Levi Oakes
 Posted: Apr 7 2014, 12:55 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Henry Levi Oakes
Age: 35 years old
Birthday: July 17, 1979
Prior Occupation: US military Delta Force
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HS7947TP78
Level of Education: High School education
A year of college
Basic military training
US Ranger school


Father: Glenn Oakes, deceased
Mother: Magdalena Oakes, deceased
Siblings: Oliver (32) and Lily Oakes (36)

Ex-wife: Jennifer Green, shop owner (36)
Children: Joseph (12) and Amelia Green (15)


Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Playby: Daniel Gillies


Likes and Dislikes:
- Money, money and money
- To keep pushing his limits
- Afternoon naps, takes them often
- Whittling: small wooden animals
- Pixar movies, and some Disney
- Exercising and staying in shape
- Cold morning pizza: all-time favorite
- Fruit in general, favorite is peach
- Casual, non-committing sex

- Others getting the better of him
- Diplomacy, politicians, all that junk
- People with a loud bark and no bite
- Dogmatic people and religious zealots
- Pacifists, if they were in charge he'd be out of a job!
- Raw food, disgusting! He loathes sushi
- Unprofessionalism as it means people could die
- His ex-wife, if only because he still cares for her

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Good at blending in and adapting
- Multilingual: knows some Advtenis
- An excellent marksman
- Capable of making hard decisions

- Indifferent to suffering, remorseless
- Has a weakness for gambling
- Partially blind on his left eye
- 'Job always comes first' policy

General Personality: Through the years Levi has seen the worst the world has to offer. It's not something you can just walk away from but he does a good job of deflecting it with a carefree attitude and his impish nature. He loves having a good laugh, even if his humor has a bit of a dark edge to it from time to time. Most of the time Levi likes to play a little bit rough and he can be an ass, even if he's your friend. Despite his job as a mercenary for hire he follows a code of honor. He doesn't accept all jobs that are offered to him, and takes his time sorting out the ones he find interesting. Once he accepts a job he always makes sure to follow through. Levi also happens to love a good challenge every now and again.

As a man who's very open with his opinions and thoughts it's no secret that he thinks politics is just about people licking each other's asses. In his line of work all they've done is stop him from doing his job. To Levi the most important thing is to maintain his reputation as a mercenary with a good record. To him, the end always justifies the means. He'll play dirty and manipulate people to his benefit even though he prefers to be honest with people. A lot of people would view Levi as a loose canon because they're not sure where they have him. Oh, and one more important detail: Levi has been married once, and he intends on never making that mistake again.


Are you a Sect Member: No, but he's loosely affiliated with the Cartel
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Levi didn't end up joining the military because he had a poor background, shitty grades or because he had to pick between doing time in jail or serve his country. His family was a classic military family. His father was a master sergeant and took part in the early years Vietnam war, and his grandfather served in World War II before that. They grew up hearing stories that had been passed down through the generations. Signing up for the military was the natural choice for both him and his younger sibling Oliver.

Levi went in hard, set on living up to the stories he'd heard as a boy, and quickly came out on top in his class. Being an average Joe was never good enough for Levi, so he set his sights higher and after performing extremely well he was sent on to Ranger school. The time he spent on earning the small patch remain one of the most challenging moments in his life. He's never felt so emotionally and physically exhausted as he did then, but he earned his patch and became a part of the 75th Ranger Regiment at the age of twenty.

It was after becoming a Ranger that Levi took some time off, spending his days with his family and friends back home for some down time. During this time he married Jennifer, who he'd been dating since high school, and she became pregnant with their first child. After three months he returned to active duty.

On an off-chance Levi met a guy who'd been trying to become part of the US Army Delta Force and upon learning what they did and that it was only for the absolute elite, he decided to take on the challenge. He had to fight long and hard before he managed to pass their tests, and become eligible for the six month training that would determine whether or not he was fit to be a part of Delta Force. Levi passed.

His and Jennifer's second child was born in '02 and by 2003, he and his unit was deployed in the war against terror. His team played a part in Red Dawn which lead to Hussein being captured and after the war was deemed to fall in favor of the US, Delta Force stayed in the country. In 2004 he was a part of Objective Medford Through the years he was able to meet a lot of new people and Levi often found himself working next to the CIA and their agents as well as the locals of Iraq. In 2006, Jennifer pushed for a divorce as she'd grown tired of raising two children on her own. He didn't argue when he found out that she'd been seeing someone else behind his back, all the while writing him letters telling him that she loved him.

Levi and his unit didn't return home in 2011 with the rest of the US military, instead remaining in Iraq to continue and help stabilize the country. When the Adveni revealed themself the following year, Levi and his unit was completely cut off. It took them months to find transportation back to US soil and by then he found out that they'd already lost. Going separate ways, every man eager to get back home and find their family, Levi started travelling along the road with nothing but a backpack with some clean clothes and some cash.

Upon learning that the new rulers, the Adveni, demanded that all humans registered Levi did so. Having spent his whole life in the military he only knew how to fight so he decided to put it to good use. Becoming a mercenary he took odd jobs, bringing in everything from unregistered humans to killing the Adveni who'd been pushing their luck and made enemies. He sought out Adlai soon enough, looking for work and finding that the city had a lot to offer in terms of work. Although Levi haven't joined the Cartel officially they provide him with work from time to time, sending clients his way, and he gives them a cut of his money in return.

Role Play Sample

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Female
Age: 22 bootiful years
How you found us: I don't remember...
Any Previous Characters: Don't remind me!

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 Posted: Apr 7 2014, 01:16 PM
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