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Beck Casey

Human Eighth Army

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Jul 1 2012, 12:19 PM


The Human Registry

Name: Beck James Casey
Age: 42
Birthday: 24th December 1972
Prior Occupation: Army Second Leiutenant
Current Status: Unregistered Human
Registration Number: N/A - Has a Fake Registration under the name James Kent, number HS7434ZS14
Level of Education: Full High School.


Father: James George Casey
Mother: Arianne Casey
Children: None - though has somewhat adopted a teenage girl named Lacie, it's complicated, he'd rather not talk about it.
Siblings: None.


Height: 5'11''
Hair Colour: Blond, cut short.
Eye Colour: Blue
Playby: Kiefer Sutherland


Likes and Dislikes:
Beck is one of the few people in Adlai who can say without reserve that the Adveni dislike him as much as he loathes them. He also detestes ignorance, and feels it is no excuse for weakness. Knowledge is a powerful weapon, and as many people as possible should arm themselves with it. Conversely, he really respects people who are open and honest, and who stand up to him. Yes, he is the Marshal of the Eighth Army, but does that mean everyone should bend over backwards? No, if anything, it means they should be more brutally honest with him than anyone. The more important the man, the more catastrophic the mistakes.
His old likes and dislikes, his 'not liking jelly', or 'loving coffee' have kind of gone out of the window since the Adveni took over. You eat what you get and you're thankful you have food on your plate. He still does love coffee though.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Having spent most of his adult life in the military, Beck is incredibly well versed in tactics and training. He can also be incredibly stealthy when he wants to be (hence why they probably haven't caught him yet.) Some might consider Beck's attachment to people as a weakness, he can't do everything to help the cause if he's worried about someone getting hurt, but Beck sees it as a strength, that he's not been so jaded by all of this that he no longer cares for the lives of others.
Beck has sustained injuries over the years, and, let's not forget that he's not twenty-one anymore. Beck has scars and old injuries, and some of them play up from time to time... that crick in his neck, you don't want to know what that's from. But, on the other hand, he's used to pain, he's good at dealing with pain, so when anything hurts, he'll put up with it until he's alone (or with someone trusted) before he lets on anything is wrong.

General Personality:
Two years ago, Beck would have suggested committing someone who said there were aliens living amongst them, but now, he feels they were all pretty stupid for not realising. Beck is a man who lives on what he can see and touch. He has no time for fortunes and horoscopes, so aliens did come as a bit of a shock. A kind man, Beck is a lot friendlier than people assume he will be. They assume he will be constantly angry and shouting, but catch him in the right mood and Beck can be downright cheerful, despite their circumstances.
More likely to reply with a sarcastic comment than lay out problems line by line, Beck sometimes feels the other high up members of Eighth Army would prefer someone who was more serious, but what they don't understand is that Beck takes everything as deadly serious, he just doesn't see the point in sitting around moping about things.
Incredibly protective over people he knows, Beck will fight with any methods available to him if he thinks he can protect someone. He also holds a strong grudge if you hurt someone he loves.
Having been hurt romantically before, Beck is incredibly untrusting of women's motives. Some have thought that if they appeal to him romantically, they will be treated like the queen of the Eighth Army, but instead have been treated like any other soldier in an army.
Beck does not talk about his problems, when he has them. He is very good at bottling things up, but at some point will explode in a mess of alcohol, violence, and self loathing.
Since his taking power in the Eighth Army, Beck is incredibly cautious about who he trusts, knowing that one wrong word from someone could have him in the gallows.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect: Eighth Army
Rank/Position Marshal


Beck was born into a pretty ordinary family. Two parents, a house, all the furnishings you could want. Sure, having your dad gone for months at a time while he was on base was tough, but Beck was a happy child, and his mother was... well, she was ok most of the time.

Doing well in school, Beck got through with pretty good grades, and everyone was expecting him to go off to college and get a degree, maybe become a lawyer or a doctor or something like that, but when Beck announced he was joining the army, no one really expected that. Sure, the boy was athletic and could hold his own in a fight (as had, unfortunately, proven a few times in school,) but the army?

Well, despite his mother begging him not to, and his father (now retired,) telling him what a difficult life it was, Beck still joined and ended up loving it. He felt he truly fit in for the first time in his life. Despite being popular in high school, he'd always felt a little odd, but now, now he was really one of the guys.

Beck moved up the ranks, not as quickly as some, but definitely faster than others. While some people said he would easily get to a General if he tried for it, Beck had no intentions of being in charge. He liked having someone over his head to pass the buck to when things went wrong. Plus, being in charge like that, it made people look at you differently. People just saw him as Beck now.

Beck was on base when the news about the Adveni began circling, though, instead of arming up to protect the base like most of the others, Beck convinced a group of men under his command that they would be better to arm up and move out. While it probably should have earned him a court marshal, he led a group of about thirty men, heavily armed, off the base and into the countryside surrounding, heading west back towards Adlai.

By the time they reached Adlai, the base that had been their home had been destroyed, not a sole survivor. Maybe it was considered cowadice, to not protect the base, but it is the only reason any of the men stayed alive. Beck knew the first thing that would be taken out would be their chances of fighting back.

The group found the Eighth Army by accident, coming across them while on a scouting mission for somewhere to camp out. In the subway tunnels, the founders of the Eighth Army were rather unprotected, but they had good ideas. Beck and the men decided to stay with them, they needed to fight, and these guys had the plans to do it.

When Kenneth Poole, Marshal of the Eighth Army, was killed on New Years, Beck and the men had been with the Eighth Army almost a year. The members proclaimed that Beck should be their leader, he was the one who had saved the soldier's lives, and the one to organise the Eighth Army into being safe and protected, and though Beck didn't really like the idea of being in charge, he accepted.

He's been in charge for ten months, and luckily, most of the time, he still feels like one of the guys. He doesn't like people calling him Sir, at least, not the people who know him, and apart from living in a subway tunnel and having a constant target on your back, life kind of goes on like normal.

Role Play Sample

The mirror wobbled precariously, threatening to fall as it was placed onto the table with a little too much force. The jar that it leant up against was not big enough for the job, but it was the only thing that could be found at such short notice. In theory, some might say it should just have been enlargened magically, but as fingers trembled unsteadily, the best idea was as little magic as possible until this was all under control.

She was dead, he'd made sure of that. While others in the situation may have turned and fled, leaving the business unfinished, he was not that sloppy, even when he was a pint of blood emptier than he should have been. No, Saxon Vaughan was never denied a kill, even when his own life was forced onto the scales as well.

He really did had no idea how she'd managed to reach the brick, nor where she'd found the energy to swing it with two stab wounds in her stomach pumping blood out of her body faster than her heart it moved it around. He had no idea, but the fact was she'd done it, he had the wound to prove it. But even with a hole in his temple, and oozing scratches in his arm, he'd managed to stay long enough to finish the job, and to clean up the evidence. No skin under her nails, none of his blood on the brick or in the surroundings, no, no muggle police would ever lead this to him.

Now, all that was left to finish the job was to fix himself, but as his hand shook from loss of blood and shock, he was having trouble putting the focus into the spell. He should have gone to St Mungo's, he knew that, but they'd ask questions, they'd put pieces together, they'd be one more thing to fix. No, he could do this himself. He could fix it himself. There may be a scar afterwards, but at least he'd fix it. And hey, he had enough scars already, that much was obvious as he looked at his hand to see the glamour charms he had constantly on his arm had gone once again.

Red and brown burn faded burn scars melted their way over the back of his hand and up his forearm, hidden from view as they disappeared underneath his rolled up shirt sleeve. Yes, Saxon Vaughan, at this moment of time, with a towel clutched to his head, sitting in front of a trembling mirror, trying to gather enough concentration through blurry vision to perform a complex spell, looked a complete and utter mess.

The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 26
How you found us: I found this cute little site, it looked so lonely and sad, so I played with it, fed it, and it turned into this monster.
Any Previous Characters: Many many many previous characters... none of them here.
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