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Jan 28 2018, 11:19 AM
Lexa smiled at his answer, teeth digging into flesh when his thumb briefly brushed against her skin as he pulled away her underwear only to let it snap back into place; the smile turning into a grin as she made herself comfortable in his lap.

It was an interesting concept, the way the law worked. For those not in the top layers of their hierarchy, rules were everything. They were meant to keep people in line and if you disobeyed, or stepped out of line, there were consequences. For those that tried to exploit them, use it to their own benefit, those consequences were even worse.

Things worked differently when you were floating above the clouds, she’d learned. The consequences were less of a concern, if anything they acted as something of a motivator to see how far they could go. There was a thrill in it, bending and stretching the rules and knowing you’d most certainly get away with it. At least if you knew how to maneuver yourself.

Lexa tilted her head a little to the side as he admired the view, soon leaning in to find his ear.

“I certainly hope so,” she murmured, planting a kiss on his temple shortly afterwards before she began working on putting him in a similar state of undress. As he moved to assist in the matter she ran her tongue over her lower lip and smiled.

He’d been making a lot of promises already, which in turn left her excited to see if he intended to come through on them. Smoothing her hands down over his chest she let out a longing sigh against his neck when he once more only barely touched her, teasing what was to come.

When he called her dirty, she laughed softly.

“I can hold my own,” she mused. “Seems we both can.”

If anything she’d say that he was more boldly so, given that he’d made his approach whilst they’d been surrounded by others at the poker table. As he laughed at her comment about his left hand she could feel his chest vibrating, her hands exploring along his collarbones. Putting on a thoughtful pout she leaned back and studied him for a moment.

“Ah, so I’ve already won two hands?” she asked mockingly. “Then you owe me two screams.”

Leaning in she drew another kiss from him only to squeak lightly and laugh when he maneuvered himself forward and started to rid himself of his clothes. Despite having her sitting in his lap he worked quite efficiently, soon sitting in nothing but his underwear. As he tipped her over she shifted against the couch, making herself comfortable as he studied her languidly, not shying away from his eyes.

“I was raised in a home where you had to take what you wanted,” she told him.

Pressing her elbows against the couch she pushed herself up ever so slightly, watching with curiosity as his hand began its exploration. Her chest heaved as he felt his fingers, warmth spreading through her body and up into her cheeks. She was about to continue speaking when he drew a moan from her lips upon giving her even more attention, this time adding his tongue as his fingers continued their work.

“If you didn’t, you’d risk missing out. I do not like missing out.”

With one leg resting between his knees she slowly drew it up, rubbing her thigh against the noticeable bulge of his underwear. Sliding her hand into the hair at the back of his neck she moved her leg slowly as she allowed herself a moment to enjoy his full attention. His breath was warm against her breast, leaving her body in goose bumps, while her own breath quickened at his touch.

“There’s certainly nothing wrong with your left hand,” she agreed after a moment, soft laughter spilling from her lips as she used the hand that was at the back of his neck to guide him up to her, seeking out another kiss. This one a little sloppier than the last as his continuous explorations made her buck her hips against his hand and gasp. “I wonder how the right will fare.”

She giggled against his lips, kissing him again before seeking out his gaze.

“Actually, never mind the right hand…”

To get her point across she pressed her thigh more firmly against his crotch, grinning at him.

She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t think he’d protest.

At least not if she was going to judge by what she felt.
Dec 31 2015, 04:14 PM
With all of us in different time zones I just wanted to wis you all a Happy New Year!

I look forward to all the years to come with you lovely looneys!
Dec 3 2015, 04:03 PM


The Human Registry

Name: Graham Middleton
Age: 23 yrs
Birthday: 5th of November
Prior Occupation: Sports journalist, for all of one blissful week
Current Status: Registered Human & Owned
Registration Number: HD9235ZS10
Level of Education: Bachelor degree in Journalism from four years in college.
Took some odd classes in culinary management around the same time.
Worked part-time as a barista for four years whilst in college.
Spent two years as a waiter working at a local diner.


Father: Morgan Middleton
Mother: Judith Middleton
Children: None
Siblings: A big sister, Kayla Middleton (32)


Height: 5'9
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Dylan O'Brien


Likes and Dislikes:
- Sports, he is a big big fan of sports. It's partially what drove him to become a sports journalist. A suggestion would be to not try and start a discussion with him about which is the best team in baseball. It's the Mets. He'll fight you tooth and nail to prove it. Best basketball team? The Lakers. Football team? Seattle Seahawks. He used to have an eye in just about every sport, especially the major ones. With sports essentially disappearing after the war, all he has left is a mets cap. He misses it like crazy, he really does. Just the ability to sit down and watch sports on TV, or going to a baseball game.
- Reading books. It's one of his favorite pastimes. He's a slow reader in the sense that he really allows himself to merge with the book he reads. One of his favorite books are the Game of Thrones series. He's also very fond of Lord of The Rings and the ocassional romantic novel. Oh, not to mention the classics! Dickens, Wilde, Austen - they're all great. He carries around a very old, worn copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that his mother used to read to him as a child.
- Watching cartoons. He's always been very fond of them, whether it's Disney, Pixar or any other studio releasing them. Graham always found them very likeable. The characters are funny, well-rounded and most importantly; you can always count on an happy ending. Growing up that became increasingly important for him. One of his all-time favorites is 'The Last Airbender'.
- Video games. It was another one of his go-to things during the time when he sat at home after his accident to recover. Aside from playing some of the oldest consoles he usually played games like Mario Kart, FIFA, NHL or other sports related games.

- Cars. After his accident he worked a lot with cars in order to cure his fear of the vehicles. Fixing up cars was a very therapeutic way for him to work through what happened. As it is his fear of cars and public transport hasn't completely gone away yet. He can ride in a car but he doesn't feel at ease if he can't see the road at all times, and if he doesn't know what is going on around him at all times while he is in a moving vehicle chances are he'll panic.
- Horror movies. I kid you not, he hates them. Horror movies terrify him to no ends. He can't watch them. He tried once on a sleepover when he was thirteen and for most of the movie he was pressing his face into a pillow, not daring to breathe. That didn't stop him from having nightmares for the better part of a week. So yeah, horror movies is not something for Graham.
- Vegetables. Yes, he's one of those people who's not too fond of the healthy crap. He doesn't like the texture and taste of most vegetables. Avocados is about the only thing that'll go down without grimaces. Tomatoes are alright as well, so is carrots as long as they're grated. He loves french fries though, loves them. In case you were curious.
- Wearing mittens. Or gloves in general, really. It makes him feel like he can't use his hands properly. It's really difficult to grab things. Basically, they're annoying and he hates wearing them. It doesn't matter if it's freezing outside, if he can he will go without gloves.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Very acute and aware of his surroundings, due to his condition he has to be. Lacking one of the most important of the five senses he needs to make up for it by making sure that he always knows what is going around him by using the other four.
- Since Graham is completely deaf, his other senses are somewhat heightened.
- He's extremely skilled at puzzles and can solve very complicated mazes in a matter of seconds. His mother believed it was why he proved to be so good at problem solving. He can see what pieces are missing. The same goes for fixing things. Oh, and he's good at chess. He loves chess. It's a lot of fun to play.
- He's great at cooking, really great. He used to do a lot of cooking with his dad when he was still living at home with his parents, coming second only to the two of them watching sports together with his mom and sister, and that's how it all started. His father taught him and before long he was doing just fine on his own.

- He is deaf and has been since he was 14 years old after a car accident. It's something he's had a hard time to accept but through his ability to read lips he can manage every day life. Aside from that he uses ASL (American Sign Language), writes on paper or even mouths words to communicate. If need be, he can speak but hasn't used his voice all that much since his accident. Due to that it's not uncommon for his pronounciation of some words be a little odd or funny. It's one of the reasons he doesn't like to physically speak around people he doesn't know or trust.
- With the handicap that he has he knows that he needs to be patient around people. He knows that he can't expect them to understand him straight from the get-go and that sometimes it's going to take time for him to convey what he wants to say. However, instead of being patient he has a habit of shying away from interacting with other people instead.
- Squeamish about blood. Not in the sense that he can't handle bloody, raw meat but in the sense that he doesn't do too well with human blood. Or Adveni blood, for that matter. The sight and the smell of it makes him queasy and often light-headed which - again - ties back into his car accident. He still carries around a lot of bad memories from that day and even more scars.
- Graham worries a lot about how he appears to others. The world is a different place now. The Adveni aren't as accepting of the feeble-minded and meek. The weak doesn't survive in this world and so he strives to be strong. To be perfect. He strives to do his best, all the time, and it's exhausting. Not physically but emotionally and mentally.

General Personality: Graham is reserved around people he's only just met. Being deaf, and having had plenty of friends walk out of him because of it, he's a little bit wary about putting himself out there. Simply put, he doesn't want to risk getting hurt again. Beyond that Graham is a good-natured guy. Everything he does, he does with the best of intentions. He's a person who wants to please and appease to those around him in the sense that he wants to keep them happy. Not just happy in general but happy with him. Graham is not the best at taking an argument and has a tendency to run away at signs of trouble. He loves to have a blast and with his silly sense of humor he's easily amused.


Are you a Sect Member: No
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Graham was an average kid growing up. He was born nine years after his big sister, Kayla, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He made friends very easily in his in pre-school who then stuck with him through the years as his best friends. There were three of them; him, Trent and Petra. If you asked their parents they were attached to the hip, always playing together and messing about. You never saw one without the other two.

When he was fourteen years old he and his class were going to spend the day at a skiing resort called Jackson Hole Mountain Resort before going on their winter break. The night had brought about four inches of snow which in turn made the trip even more exciting as it meant fast, steeper slopes. The bus never made it to the resort. Skidding on ice hidden under the new layer of snow from the night before the vehicle went into the opposite lane, crashing two cars before tipping over as a result of the collision.

Out of sixty kids, forty were injured - twelve of them critically. Out of the other twenty sixteen of them died - eleven of them on location and the other five in a hospital - while four escaped without more than scrapes. One of the teachers and the driver died on impact. Trent made it out with a broken arm. Petra was a little worse for wear with a slight concussion and nasty contusions coupled with minor hypothermia. Graham wasn't so lucky. He was one of the twelve critically injured in the crash.

Graham spent about a month in the hospital. Not only had the crash broken his leg in two places, which in itself would need a long time to heal, but because of a rather severe head injury that he sustained he lost his hearing. After a month it was decided that he was well enough to be discharged and sent home to continue his recovery. Depression hit him quick and it hit him hard. He hated it, hated what had happened to him and for some time he wouldn't leave the house aside for physical theraphy, meeting with a shrink and attending ASL classes.

It was only because of his two best friends and having very patient parents that he managed to snap out of it and return to a somewhat normal life again. They tagged along with him during his ASL classes, taking time out of their day to learn with him so that they would be able to communicate again. They helped him stay up to date in school so that he wouldn't miss out on graduating high school despite being unable to attend his classes due to his still-healing injuries. He graduated with his class by the end of the year.

Through a lot of hard work Graham continued to improve. He applied for college with his two best friends. He started learning how to read lips to further increase his chances of holding a conversation. He started attending a group meeting with people like him, which further helped him learn ASL. Before long his life began to return to normal... save for a few things.

Rather than take the bus for thirty minutes to school, he woke up two hours early to walk there. Every day. Graham was afraid to step onto a bus, to take the train or even sit in the family car. It freaked him out, made him choke up and freeze in fear. He couldn't do it. Getting through a night without nightmares was a luxury he rarely got to enjoy. He'd often wake up screaming and crying, which was why he opted out of staying in the sleeping dorm at college. While he'd gotten better after the trauma, he still had a long way to go before fully recovering.

Graham's love for sports pushed him to become a sports journalist. Living in a modern time, it was a job that he could picture himself doing despite his condition. Not to mention that the idea of being given free tickets was incredibly alluring. Pushed by his friends and his family he graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. It took a little bit of nudging on his part but eventually he managed to get the attention of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, one of the biggest newspapers in the state. With the help of a professor at the college who'd previously worked for the WTE, he was hired on a probation period.

Graham spent a full week at the newspaper, loving every second of it, when the Adveni revealed their presence on Earth and waged a war against humanity. For the first part of it resources were put towards reporting about this alien race that was invading their planet and the war that was being fought. Before long the fight reached their city. Graham and his family hid out, waiting for the worst to blow over before taking their car and leaving together with Trent and his family as well as Petra and hers.

They headed for a city somewhere off the west coast where, according to the radio, the military was supposed to be able to protect them. For Graham the car ride was torture. He understood that it was necessary but they had to stop several times every day when it got to him, when the thoughts and the memories were too loud. At one point he refused to get into the car again, insisting that he'd walk the rest of the way. Another time, he ended up puking from the stress.

The family made it to their destination, a city called Adlai, but what they didn't know was that the message sent across the radio had been of the Adveni's making. They'd hijacked the frequency and were luring humans in to round them up. The three families realised it too late. Graham ran like never before, barely escaping capture along with Trent and Petra's youngest sister. The three hid out in the city they'd ended up in for three weeks. While he was out looking for food the Adveni found their hideout, taking both Trent and Petra's sister into their custody. Graham never saw them again.

Surfing the streets he stuck it out and avoided discovery for the remainder of the war. The Adveni were soon declared winners of the war and with it came drastic changes. Having nobody left to depend on Graham made the difficult decision to ignore registrating, despite promises of a proper home to stay in and being reunited with lost family members. He didn't trust the Adveni and while he was desperate to know what had happened to his family, he doubted they would try to reunite them. The aliens had been the ones to split them up in the first place.

Graham lived down in the tunnels for some time. Once the A.I formed he spent a lot of time around the sect without actually being a part of it. He lived down there for the better part of two years before the Adveni decided to flush them out. Washed out of the tunnels he was cornered by two Adveni who put him in a truck to the Lyndbury Compound. With no greater offense than not registering, they sent him onto the yard.

Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Human

Name: Cizzler
Gender: Female
Age: 24 yrs
How you found us: I fear I am beyond saving now, for real.
Any Previous Characters:

Jan 1 2015, 08:49 AM


The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name:
Adveni Name:
Registration Number: Put N/A if hasn't received Nsiloq, or 'GENERATE' if has received Nsiloq, a staff member will generate your Number.
Level of Education:




Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Nsiloq Tattoo:
Playby: Iwan Rheon


Likes and Dislikes:
Strengths and Weaknesses:
General Personality:


Thoughts on Earth:
Thoughts on Humans:


Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Adveni

How you found us:
Any Previous Characters:
Jan 1 2015, 08:47 AM


The Human Registry

Name: Oliver Gallaway
Birthday: 13th April
Prior Occupation: Student
Current Status: Registered Human
Registration Number: HSxxxxTPxx
Level of Education: High School


Father: Bryce Gallaway
Mother: Tess Gallaway
Children: None
Siblings: Phoebe Gallaway, 26 yrs


Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Green
Playby: Logan Lerman


Likes and Dislikes:
Strengths and Weaknesses:
General Personality:


Are you a Sect Member:
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect:


Role Play Sample


The Human behind the Human

How you found us:
Any Previous Characters:
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