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Kassidy Mullen
 Posted: Dec 6 2015, 12:16 PM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Kassidy Mullen
Adveni Name: Halleia
Age: 29
Birthday: 5th October
Registration Number: AAG863T431
Occupation: Financial Consultant
Level of Education: Agrah training and economics and accounting studies


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Children: None
Siblings: Unknown


Height: 5’9
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Nsiloq Tattoo: Blue
Playby: Jennifer Morrison


Likes and Dislikes:
*Nice clothes, and food and drink
*Shoes - She loves her footwear, and she always has a bag to match
*Money - earning it, spending it, generally being pampered
*Feeling needed for her skills
*Technology. She misses all the human gadgets she'd gotten used to.

*People poking into her business
*Those who are cruel to humans without cause. There is no need for it
*Disorganisation in her home and office. Everything has its place.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
*A natural with numbers
*Good business woman
*An excellent liar
*Great at sucking up to her superiors
*A very fast runner

*Holds a grudge
*Is a lightweight
*Will never admit when she's wrong
*A rather bendable relationship with the law

General Personality:
Kassidy is ambitious and calculating. She can measure up the risk of a venture within seconds and tell you whether it is a good idea. She spends most of her time seemingly pulling money out of nowhere. In her position, she has mastered politeness and keeping her cool, but get Kassidy off work and you'll find a sarcastic, funny woman who enjoys a little crazy now and again.

Kassidy finds respect very important, and if someone disrespects her, she will hold a grudge. She can't stand it when military personnel think her job is below theirs because she doesn't fight for a living. But, best not to even mention it to her, because she could probably empty all your accounts before finishing her drink.

She has a pretty bad temper if you push the wrong buttons, and is vindictive enough to destroy someone if needs be.


Thoughts on Earth: She likes Earth. It's a nice place. Admittedly, it was nicer before the war...
Thoughts on Humans: Kassidy doesn't mind humans as long as they know their place. She even has no problem with them working, and advancing, as long as they understand that they will always come second to an Adveni. It's not a worth situation, it's just the way it is.


It isn't often that children were abandoned, unknown in Adveni society. With most children raised in group home anyway, most simply go and don't look back. Halleia was one of the rare, left outside a group home. Even as she grew up, she never knew who her parents were. It was frustrating as a child, especially when some of the others had visits from loving family. Instead, Halleia focussed on work, not just physical training, but on her academics.

After taking her Nsiloq, Halleia joined the Agrah to complete her training, and though she is reasonably athletic, she knew she would not remain as a soldier. Sure enough, once training was complete, she was immediately transferred out to be trained for a position on Earth.

She took up a position in an accounting firm, and then a bank, and then in financial management and consultancy firm. With the name Kassidy Mullen, she became an expert in human finances and how to move money to make the most of it.

By the time it was announced that the invasion was about to get under way, Kassidy should have been charged with a federal count of embezzlement for the amount of money she'd managed to siphon off. By the end of the war, she'd funnelled all of her ex-clients funds into Adveni reserves.

After the war, Kassidy set herself up with a business in financial consultancy for Adveni in Adlai. She takes contracted jobs for the military, helping them find and create funds for missions. When she isn't working for the military, she helps Adveni set up businesses, and even buys in occasionally.

Role Play Sample

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The Human behind the Adveni

Name: Chele
Gender: Female
Age: 30
How you found us: uhhhh.... I take the 5th.
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