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 Posted: Jun 30 2012, 10:21 AM
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Interitus How to Guide
You may have noticed that we have a couple of features on Interitus. If you've not been a member of a JCink site before, or have not used our other features, these might be a little daunting. Therefore, I've set out this Step by Step How to Guide to lead you through each feature and how to make it work for you.

If you would like a feature explained on the How to Guide, please PM Chele

Sub-Accounts/Linking Your Accounts
Why it's useful: This means you don't have to log in and out. You simply use the 'Switch Account' link (which turns into a drop down box) next to your login underneath the site banner.

How to:
1. Create an OOC account using the name you would like to be referred to by other members.
2. Create your Character Account under the name of your newest character.
3. Log in to your OOC account.
4. Click 'My Controls' just underneath the site banner.
5. Click 'Edit Sub-Accounts' in the Personal Profile section.
6. Under 'Linking an Existing Account' put in the login and password of your Character Account.
7. Click 'Link this Account'.

Linking to your Biography/Plotter/Tracker Underneath your Avatar
Why it's useful: It helps other members navigate to your plot and tracker page, or find information about your character in their application without searching through pages of threads.

How to:
1. Create the appropriate thread.
2. Highlight and copy the thread link.
3. Click 'My Controls' just underneath the site banner.
4. Click 'Edit Profile Info' underneath Personal Profile.
5. Input the link into the corresponding box.
Note here: You do not need to use any coding to make this work. Do not put in [url=*] or <a href="*"> just the text of the link.
6. Click Amend my Profile.

Getting a Name on Chatango
Why it's useful: We use Chatango as our chatbox service. It is free and refreshes automatically. Signing up for an account means you can use the same name all the time. Do not worry, this is completely free.
How to:
1. Open the Expandable chatbox on your right hand side.
2. Click 'Set Name'.
3. Under option 3 'As a Chatango Member' click 'Sign Up'.
4. Fill in a Username, password, and email address.
5. Click 'Continue'.

Turning Off Anonymous Messages on Chatango
Why it's useful: Chatango offers the use of private messages between members, an IM as it were. However, when you first sign up, you can be seen by all other members of Chatango. Turning this off means only those you chat with in our chatbox will see your account.
How to:
1. Click on your name in the chatbox, opening a new tab.
2. Click 'Edit My Profile' next to your avatar.
3. Uncheck the box 'Show in User Directory'.

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