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Christopher Dalton

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Oct 7 2016, 01:39 PM


The Human Registry

Name: Christopher Evan Dalton
Age: 32
Birthday: 6th October
Prior Occupation: 'Fixer' is the polite term.
Current Status: Unregistered Human
Registration Number: N/A
Level of Education: High School


Father: Heath - or Jerkwad, whichever you want.
Mother: Marie - or the 'bitch' he's the son of when people call him an SoaB
Children: God no.
Siblings: A brother, Cliff, if he's not ODed by now.


Height: 6'1"
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Playby: Michael Malarkey


Likes and Dislikes:
- Vanessa: His life revolves around her. He likes to think that she'd not be able to survive without him, but the fact is that it's probably the opposite.
- Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes: Christopher is always on something, even if it's just nicotine. Try to clean him out, and you'll meet a nasty, completely remorseless person.
- Getting his own way: As it says on the tin.

- Being treated second class: Christopher stays away from Adveni for the most part because he knows he can't control his temper when they treat him like just another human. He may have an ego, but he's not completely stupid.
- Men hitting on Vanessa: Beware, just seriously beware. He loves knowing how desirable his girl is, but thinking they have a shot with her when he's around is a big no.
- Not being in control of the situation: Not being in control makes him unravel. He will grapple to get that control back, even if it means digging himself into a much bigger hole.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
- Manipulative: Christopher can twist and manipulate a story to his will with great success. He'll constantly curl people around his fingers and play with them.
- Compulsive liar: He considers his ability to craft a story a strength, but he relies on it far too often, rarely telling people the truth.
- Addict: He won't admit it and will claim it's for a little extra fun, but Christopher would probably fall apart if he wasn't on some kind of drug, be it from class A's to alcohol, there is always something around.
- Likeable: Despite everything, and using everything, Christopher comes across as a likeable, reasonably smart guy. He's quick with a joke and people usually like him for as long as he sticks around... or lets them stick around.
- Quick temper: Christopher has a ridiculously short temper, especially when he's high. He can turn on a dime and won't apologise for it.

General Personality:
Christopher is manipulative and controlling. He likes things to be his way, and if they're not, he'll twist it until its in his favour. He lies compulsively, and mostly shows the world a cheerful and friendly face. Behind it, cruelty and manipulation is in every breath, trying to figure out how he can better his position or get rid of a problem. He is not above murder, in fact, when he needs to, he rather enjoys the power it holds.

He only cares about himself and Vanessa. Everyone else is dispensable when it comes down to it. He truly loves Vanessa, and he claims its his distrust of others that has him keep such tight reigns on her. Truthfully, he loves that she submits to him, and he keeps her close whenever he can.

Aside from running scams and simple cons to get cash, Christopher will also take any job people will pay for. He has no loyalties except to Vanessa, so the Adveni want you brought it, he'll do it. A human wants payback for a missed payment? He'll do it. He hasn't dropped his fixer roots just yet.


Are you a Sect Member: No
Name of Sect: N/A
Rank/Position N/A


Christopher was born second to a family that probably never should have had kids in the first place. His parents were focussed on their careers, on money, and shitty little kids were just a drain on that resource. To most people, they were perfect parents. They provided for their children, insisted on a good education, and filled their time with activities. Christopher, however, remembers if very differently, and probably incorrectly (though he'd never admit it.) To him, his parents were cruel and distant, expecting far too much from such a young boy.

By the time he was fifteen, Christopher had been arrested twice for petty crimes, shoplifting and underage drinking. His parents, mortified, put more restrictions on their youngest son while the eldest (Cliff, 17 at the time) ran with a crew who were selling cocaine to spoilt society kids. Cliff was using almost as much as he was selling, and when their parents tried laying down the law with him, putting him in rehab, Cliff broke out and didn't come back. All attention was put on Christopher, who rebelled in the most spectacular fashion.

Christopher will swear blind that his parents were abusive shits, but they weren't.

Despite his parents' wishes, Christopher never went to college. He didn't have the grades, nor the inclination, so at eighteen he was out of that house fast as his legs (and stolen cash) could get him. He ended up in Chicago, slinging coke for a small time dealer. He didn't realise he was actually selling for the Goretti family until later, and when he did, he was determined to move up. But the first order of business was to get closer to be able to prove what he could do. That meant, getting rid of the small-time guy go between. One tip to the police after a pick up and the idiot was rotting in jail for a felony amount of cocaine.

But he wasn't the only one in the chain, and Christopher got rid of every one of them in spectacular fashion. When they started asking questions, he had the answers. They were dirty, they were disloyal, it was better they were gone, and sneaky fucker that he was, he'd managed to manipulate proof that his story was the one worth believing.

By the time Christopher got close enough to the main people, he'd also made a name for himself as a fixer, someone who could get rid of people and messes. It became his main function and he was paid rather well for it, especially considering the number of charges the police could level against him if they caught him. There was everything from petty larceny to pre-meditated murder.

Then came the end of the world... or, the end of his world, when Alonso Goretti was arrested. Christopher scrambled to keep a semblance of his life, but it wasn't like it was before. The idiots who took over were all about being careful, about not getting caught, and Goretti's children clearly didn't give a flying fuck that their father was rotting in prison. They were on a fucking reality show for crying out loud. Christopher didn't blame them, not really, they'd taken the fruits of daddy's labour and they'd made their millions. What he did resent was that none of that cash flow came the way of the people who'd worked hard for them.

And if that wasn't enough, the fucking Adveni invaded and he was suddenly considered second class.

Then he met her. Vanessa maybe wouldn't have been considered anything special to most, and truthfully, when he first met her, Christopher didn't have some blinding moment of true love at first sight. He wanted to screw her. No, he really wanted to screw her, and he wasn't about to be considered second class now. Problem was, she was in the custody of Adveni.

Christopher made a deal with the Adveni holding her. He was already transporting a lot of humans to the nearest compound, and he was paid better by Christopher than he would be there. He allowed Christopher to take her, her only crime had been not registering fast enough. Christopher assured the Adveni that he'd get her registered... only, when Vanessa heard that, she assumed the worst, that he was an Adveni. And liking the power that gave him, he played it, manipulating her into believing that he had just bought her, that she belonged to him now.

He'd planned on dropping her after having a little fun, but Vanessa, pretty and smart and oh so willing to play to his tune, soon became indispensable. Each time there came a good moment to get rid of her, he couldn't do it, and after a couple of months, he admitted the truth. She may have known the truth for a while before that, but she never said anything.

They stayed in Chicago for a while, and soon Vanessa was helping with scams for cash and supplies. They had a relatively decent life until they scammed the wrong person, and suddenly the Adveni were on their tail. Christopher ordered Vanessa into the car and off they went, stopping in towns and cities just long enough to wear out their welcome before they moved on.

And now, it's Adlai's turn.

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Chele
Gender: female
Age: 30
How you found us: *cries*
Any Previous Characters: *cries harder*
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