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Johanna Barrett
 Posted: Sep 30 2015, 11:16 AM
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The Human Registry

Name: Johanna Barrett
Age: 31
Current Status: Registered
Current Occupation: Nurse


Father: Liam Barrett - Deceased
Mother: Kate Barrett - unknown
Brother: Craig Barrett (36) - unknown


Johanna is petite, barely 5'4. She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a few tattoos, mostly hidden away.

Playby: Scarlett Johanson


Johanna has been described in the past as a force of nature, though the invasion has crushed a lot of that spirit out of her, at least in public. She no longer fights for what she thinks is right when it comes to her work, especially now she works for the Adveni.

Johanna doesn't suffer bullshit, and is quick to call out people if she thinks they're trying to manipulate her. Her sense of humour is rather dark, and mostly dirty. She knows exactly where the boundary of what is appropriate lies, but she loves dancing along it and pushing people.

Having spent most of her adult life focussed on her career, she misses the challenge and will often look for challenges in other areas of her life.


Are you a Sect Member: No
Name of Sect:


Johanna was born to Liam and Kate Barrett, a firefighter and a beautician. She was the second child, her brother Craig already five years old by the time she came along. Home life was normal, if sometimes a little tight on budget, until two policemen showed up at their door in the middle of the night. Her father had been killed in a fire. She was seven years old.

Despite their grief, they picked themselves up relatively quickly. Her teenage years flew by and after a lot of pleading telephone calls and letters, Johanna managed to get a scholarship to Brown to study pre-med.

She was about six months into her second year at Brown when she met Nicolas. She was on a pub crawl, and as part of a treasure hunt, she had to get a pair of men's boxers. Nicolas was watching baseball at the time, and without a girlfriend hanging off him like most of the other guys, she walked up and asked. He gave her the most knee-weakening grin and told her that it usually took a few drinks. Since she clearly had a hunt to win, they agreed that the drinks would have to come later.

He never got his boxers back, but Johanna didn't think he minded.

After six months, just as Nicolas was getting ready to graduate, Johanna realised that this was the man she was going to marry. They'd already agreed that they would go to Berkeley, him to study law, her to study medicine, and the plan was that during the summer, she'd go with him home and meet the infamous parents he spoke of so often.

After that summer, however, Nicolas never enrolled in his place in Berkeley. Instead, he took a low level desk job at the CIA and they got a place together. Johanna didn't argue it much, since it meant he stayed close instead of being on the other side of the country, but the man she'd fallen in love with started to change. He was secretive and quiet, not to mention that this low-level job kept him out at all hours.

It took him another eighteen months to break it off, just as she was about to graduate. He told her to go to Berkeley, but he was staying. He didn't even give her a choice.

So, Johanna went on with her life. She studied and became a doctor. She specialised in Psychiatry and got a job in a hospital in Seattle, working with vulnerable patients. She kept busy. Relationships came and went, friends stuck around. She was busy enough to stop herself from finding out what had happened to Nicolas Harper-Flynn.

When the invasion happened, Johanna lost contact with her family. She'd been living in Seattle and when the war had been declared won by the Adveni, she registered even though she hated it. Continuing on as a doctor wasn't an option, but the Adveni re-purposed the Hospital and she was able to sign on as a nurse, where she's been ever since.
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