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Karl Knowles
 Posted: Sep 12 2015, 07:47 AM
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The Human Registry

Name: Karl Knowles
Age: 50
Current Status: Registered Human & Unowned
Current Occupation: ex-con, recovering alcoholic, trying to find whatever easy and lazy jobs he can find


Wife: Ruth, disappeared during the war
Children: Jeffrey (dead in the war at 30), Zachary (29, works as an informant to both humans and Adveni), Julia (25,disappeared during the war)


Height: 6' 4" (1.93m), blond hair, blue eyes

Karl is a tall and imposing man. He was always tall and strong, but after doing time in prison, his previous fat seems to have melted away, and he looks stronger and bulkier than ever before. Like a solid brick wall. His blue eyes are piercing, looking icier now that his blonde hair has slowly started to go white with age. He is usually badly shaven, the power in his house goes out every time he tries to shave, so it's not really worth the effort.

Playby: David Morse


A selfish man, Karl will do what he needs to survive and thrive. He ran his family with a hard hand, and it never bothered him. Women are supposed to stay quiet and do as they're told, and kids are supposed to keep out of the way. It's not like he wants to hit them, but if they can't act they way they are supposed to, he really has no choice.

Alcohol and drugs are his temptation. He's managed to quit once, and he's gonna do whatever he can to stay off them now. He's spent years in prison, and he's now a new man. Reformed. All grown up. It's time to really make something of himself.

He has a fiery temper, and you don't want to be near him when he blows up. In between the eruptions, there's an eerie calm that makes you nervous, because it's impossible to tell what's coming. The charming smile that comes with the calm only seems to make the effect worse. It's like he hypnotizes you to come closer, come closer...

Like any human, he hates the Adveni with a passion, but this new world they've built does give him a new shot at life. The Adveni don't seem to care about the squabbles between humans, so if he can only keep out of their way, this new life should be easy. If he had the chance though, he'd blow them all out of the sky.

Karl has no problem using any kind of weapons, guns, knives or even tire irons. Whatever gets the job done.


Are you a Sect Member: not yet, but he's got his eyes on the Cartel. Looks like an easy enough life.


Karl would never have gotten married at 19 unless his girlfriend Ruth had got herself knocked up while she was only 17. At the time, Karl didn't think he had much choice but to marry her. They ended up with three kids in all, all of them taking after their mother in one way or another, pissing him off daily, requiring a heavy hand to keep them in line.

Proper jobs were hard to find, but Karl built up his body and his family with construction work. It wasn't the fast way to riches he was looking for, so in his spare time he plotted one big heist after another with like minded friends from the neighborhood. None of the heists really turned out as big as they had hoped, but they kept trying.

During the years, alcohol and drugs became good friends with Karl, and he spent time with them both in his after work hours. His wife didn't seem to mind, as long as he shared and kept the kids quiet. They all soon enough learned to stay out of his way.

The latest big heist, emptying the Liquor Hole down on the corner of Cherry and Big Oak, finally had Karl caught in the act. The idiot running the place, Saul Nelly, decided to press charges. In the end, Karl was sent to prison for ten years for armed robbery.

During his time in prison, Karl managed to get sober and build a new network of contacts and skills. Nothing teaches a man how to survive better than daily death threats and having to look over his shoulder. While Karl spent his time surviving inside, the Adveni invaded and the war was fought and lost. All Karl knew about it was what the inmates in prison were told. His wife stopped visiting and the human guards all disappeared and were replaced with Adveni, and the strict rules inside the prison got even stricter. Suddenly, the prison was flooded with new inmates.

Three years after the war, Karl found himself being released from prison before his sentence was up. The only reason he was offered for his release was that he wasn't seen as a threat anymore and that the prison was overrun.
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