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Shane Norton
 Posted: May 26 2015, 02:41 AM
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The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Shane Norton
Adveni Name: Zael, do yourself a favor and don't call him by his human name
Age: 36 yrs
Occupation: Bouncer at Equinox
Military Branch: Agrah


He doesn't know his parents and has no idea if he has any siblings. He is the father of a twelve year old boy, of whom he is very proud. He tries to keep in touch with his son as he does not wish for his child to go through what he did. The boy is currently training to become an Agrah just like his father once was.


Zael is 6' tall and has a wide, muscled body that works to his advantage for his job as a bouncer. He has a deep scar that runs from his collarbone across his chest and in towards his ribs, it goes in a sweeping line. He received it during the war against the humans.
Nsiloq Colour: Blue
Playby: Dylan McDermott


Zael is a hard nut to crack. He's not a particularly friendly guy and for the most part he doesn't care about making an effort to get people to like him. In a way, he's very honest and very genuine. He is the kind of guy who doesn't force a laugh when he hears a joke that doesn't strike him as funny. Whilst he isn't the easiest person to be around, he cares greatly about the people who he call friends. The thing is that you'll have to work hard to get there. As it is, most of his good friends work at Equinox with him. Speaking of Equinox, he loves his job even if it can be tedious at times.


Zael was born through a Tletonise pairing and as such he never knew his parents. Growing up, this was something that always bothered him and for a long time he felt that they'd abandoned him. It didn't matter that it was quite common for Adveni parents to not connect with their child. For some time, he acted out in anger and by breaking the rules that had been set for him in the home where he grew up. He ignored the wishes of his caretakers and did as he pleased.

It got so bad that they decided to send him to training very early on.

Being trained as an Agrah, Zael learned to supress his problems and to use his anger as a potent weapon. In a few years time that anger was replaced by determination to make it as an Agrah. If his parents wanted nothing to do with him, he would show them that he didn't need them to succeed. At the age of sixteen, he took his Nsiloq and after another two years in training, he finally made it as a fully-fledged Agrah.

For the first three years, Zael kept his head down and studied his fellow soldiers and his superiors in order to really learn what it meant to be an Agrah. Later on, that knowledge allowed him to rise in rank and become a Captain. He was twenty-eight years old at the time. By then Zael knew that they were preparing for a war against a race that lived on a planet called Earth. He trained for another three, almost four, years before his unit was sent in to fight.

The war went in favor of the Adveni but before the end of it, Zael was unfortunate enough to search through a building that the humans had rigged with explosives. Buried under rubble for two days, he miraculously survived but his body had taken a heavy hit. He spent several months in the hospital recovering and most of his doctors deemed that it was very unlikely that he would fully recover.

During his time in the hospital he met Jacoby Hendrix, or Arcai as his real name was. Hendrix was there visiting his guardian, an older man who was in critical condition after being shot down in his Nhyrahby. The two got along well and became friends. Hendrix often came to visit him during the rest of his stay, even after his guardian passed away. With the encouragement of his newfound friend, Zael fought hard to recover and was eventually discharged.

Knowing that he couldn't return to the Agrah just yet, his body far from being in the state he'd been in during his prime time, he began to look for another gig. Hendrix helped him land a job as a Lyndbury guard but he quit three months later when he was offered the position as a bouncer at Hendrix new club, Equinox. He never left to return to the Agrah, not even after he was deemed to have fully recovered from his injuries.
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