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Georgianna Lennox
 Posted: Jan 8 2017, 04:35 PM
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“I don’t think anyone was actually allowed to skip them,” she said. “You were lucky Wrench would cover for you.”

In fact, maybe Wrench was still covering for him, it wasn’t like she’d know if he had been. She and Wrench spoke as often as she’d spoken to Keiran these last two weeks. In Wrench’s case, much longer. He’d not forgiven her killing Danny.

And now she was the bitch who’d cheated on his best friend and left him. It was probably better she’d not seen Wrench around either.

Shifting her weight, Georgianna stared past Keiran’s shoulder and reached up, scratching the side of her neck. When he said that she knew how Guard duty was, she nodded because she couldn’t think of anything to say that didn’t bring up painful memories. Memories of seeking him out during his duties to give him a quick distraction, or to let him know of something he could look forward to. They’d even met during one of his duties. It was a topic to be avoided.

“Yeah,” she muttered. “I know.”

Georgianna couldn’t remember the last time she’d been in this situation, if ever. The awkward reunion after a painful break up. She’d never let it get this far before, the meet ups were usually cheerful questions of how they’d been doing, and what they’d been up to. It was a pity they hadn’t seen each other more, they had fun.

She and Keiran had had fun. So much fun it had turned into love, and then she’d fucked it up.

He claimed she looked good, and Georgianna wasn’t sure what to think of it. She was a mess, but that was relatively normal these days, only slightly heightened by Dyna. Did he mean she looked good for being the witch that stomped on his heart, like maybe she should be looking worse?

“Thanks,” she muttered. “I like the beard.”

She pointed quickly to the patch he’d been scratching and dropped her hand, taking a step further away. She stared at the mall as soon as he mentioned it, glad for a distraction.

“Oh, yeah, Jack uhh… Yorke, right? Well, he offered to help get some things together for the kids that came back from the Adveni place.” The one he’d helped get. Good one, George. “I mean, just toys and stuff if he found them.”

Georgianna stared down at her feet, wriggling her foot back and forth trying to push her heel down into the frozen ground.

“I’m looking after the baby,” she said. “The little girl. Just helping out. Thought I’d find some essentials if I could. Diapers and stuff, right? I mean, she’s such a small thing, but she needs so much crap. It’s insane. Did you know kids need all this shit?”

Her words came faster and faster, and it was easier to talk about nothing than it was to actually look him in the eye and say what she wanted to say. I miss you. But instead, she just rambled.

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