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» Shah, Elena, Fyia
Elena Shah
 Posted: Aug 11 2015, 01:49 PM
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Elena Shah

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Elena Shah
Adveni Name: Fyia
Age: 30
Occupation: Chemist
Military Branch: Agrah


Elena is an only child as far as she is aware, though she's never tried to find out anything different.
Elena has a 4 month old daughter, whose Adveni name is Dyna. Dyna's father is a human Elena previously owned; Daniele Goretti.


Elena is small by most standards. She's not short, but she certainly isn't tall, and on top of that she's slim. Most people think this means she's weak, but the opposite is true. As well as her Agrah training, she's also learned a number of human forms of fighting.
As well as her nsiloq, Elena has a collection of tattoos from her time undercover on Earth.
Nsiloq Colour: blue
Playby: Dichen Lachman


Elena likes to think of herself as strong and independent, but sometimes she rushes into things without entirely thinking them through. She likes getting her own way and will often avoid admitting she needs help until absolutely necessary.

Smart and inventive, it was her skill with chemistry that got her the position undercover on Earth. She had to learn how to fit in quick, not only as a human, but also because her position was very dangerous. She'll often act first and think later, a side effect of having to live by the skin of her teeth for a long time.

Elena cares deeply about those who are close to her, but ultimately they will come second to her own survival.


Elena grew up on Ovtenlaist in group homing, never meeting her parents or any siblings. By the time she took her nsiloq, she had advanced far beyond her peers in sciences, and though she needed to complete training for the Agrah, it was clear where her career was taking her.

She was only twenty-one when she was selected for a placement on Earth, and unlike others who were sent to infiltrate Earth's official defences such as the military and government, she was sent to infiltrate the darker side of Earth's powerful people...

Sent with the mission to place herself within an American crime organisation, she took the name Elena Shah and went to Chicago. It took a long time for her to connect with one of the bigger crime families, making a name for herself by making better drugs for cheaper. Soon, she was brought to meet the bosses, and in turn, the Goretti family.

When Alonzo Goretti was arrested, Elena managed to keep herself out of prison and kept a low profile. She worked for some other groups who had been trying to steal her away, and lived out the years before the war.

It was luck that found her back in the company of a Goretti. She couldn't deny that she'd kept an eye on the family, mostly by watching the reality TV show. When she discovered that Daniele had been captured after the war, she bought him as her drysta.

It was a mistake to fall so hard for her own slave, but she did, and Daniele was soon more than just someone she owned; he was her lover.

Despite being careful, Elena soon found out that she was pregnant. She considered getting rid of it before anyone found out, but she couldn't. She couldn't kill her baby. Too late to report it to the authorities, Elena struck a deal with Chow, the brothel owner, who was known for getting what he wanted. He would help smooth over her problem, and Daniele would work off her debt.

In September, Elena gave birth to a daughter who she named Dyna. She gave Dyna to the breeding program to be raised the way she was raised, in a group among her peers. When she found out that Chow had been sent back to Ovtenlaist, she considered going to Zselkets to reclaim Daniele, who was still, officially, her property. However, the longer she waited, the more she couldn't return for him.

She couldn't get herself in that situation again. She needed to prove she was behind her race 100%, and couldn't do that with a human she thought she might love there.
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