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Oscar Caldwell
 Posted: Mar 2 2015, 12:09 PM
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Oscar Caldwell

The Human Registry

Name: Oscar Caldwell
Age: 43
Current Status: Registered
Current Occupation: Owner of The Underdog


Wife: Susanne Caldwell, deceased
Daughter: Kaitlin Caldwell (22), Sarah Caldwell (19)


Oscar is one of those men who always looks pissed off, whether he actually is or not. He had dark hair and green eyes, but it's the set of his jaw that gives him that permenantly murderous look.
He's a built man, and some may mock that it's too many fried meals, but Oscar is in good shape, more than capable of throwing those mockers to the curb when needed.

Playby: Ian McShane


Despite his often scary appearance, Oscar is generally quite cheerful to the public. He runs his cafe well and works hard doing it. However, annoy him and you'll be the first to know about it.

If you want to get on his good side, tell him a dirty joke. If you REALLY want to get on his good side, tell him a dirty joke he hasn't heard before.

Oscar is patriotic and always enjoyed when the soldiers from the Adlai base came into town. Now, he shows his patriotism by helping humans. Whilst he's not really skilled in fighting past breaking up a fist fight in the Underdog, he's always willing to help out.

Of course, however, a man still has to earn a living.

He's very protective of his daughters and those who work for him. Whilst he'll often give his employees an earful if they screw around on the job, he'll be the first person up to bat for them if they find themselves in trouble.


Are you a Sect Member: No. But well known by all.


Oscar Caldwell grew up in Adlai. He met his wife in High School and simply never left. Married at nineteen, he had a family to support by 21. He worked construction for a couple of years, but actually, he enjoyed cooking more than anything. It wasn't anything fancy, and certainly nothing that would have won him a place on masterchef, but Oscar made great honest meals.

He was twenty-eight when he took over management of a small cafe in the Oprust District. Things were going great until he received the news that would break his whole world apart. His wife, Susanne had ovarian cancer. She lasted three years, and Oscar was left with two young daughters.

Friends helped where they could whilst Oscar struggled with depression and coping with two young girls who only wanted their mother. It took him a long time to truly get back into a kitchen, and when he did it was his oldest, Kaitlin, who suggested he open up a place of his own.

Another year of working and struggling, and The Underdog was born. It quickly became a favourite amongst construction crews, and Oscar found that his daughters spent most of their teenage years in the cafe as it became his favourite place.

Oscar kept his head when the Adveni arrived. He stayed quiet and kept a good reputation, registering as soon as he was able. By staying reputable he was able to keep his cafe and good standing with the Adveni whilst helping with the rebellion how he could, by passing information and help through his business, which he still does now. He's expanded somewhat, now with help in brewing alcohol and selling registration papers.
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