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Nautria Teskant
 Posted: Mar 2 2015, 11:46 AM
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Nautria Teskant

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: NONE
Adveni Name: Nautria Teskant
Age: 60
Occupation: Volsonnar
Military Branch: Tzelik


Partner: Erierty Nautria Drezhna
Siblings: Two half brothers.
Children: Nautria has 4 children. Most of whom are back home.
Jakryn (Logan Ryder) is his third child.


Nautria is one of those people who never looks anything other than impeccable. He's always wearing a suit and it is always pristine. He wears age well, and isn't ashamed of the fact he has a receeding hairline and his hair is going grey. If anything, he enjoys his advanced appearance, as it reminds everyone that there is a good reason he is still in charge.
Nsiloq Colour: Blue/Green
Playby: Kevin Spacey


Shortly put, Nautria doesn't take shit from anyone. Whether that is in the form of disrespect, idiocy, or underestimation, he won't accept it and will be quick to pull people up on it. He's blunt, sometimes to the point of rudeness, because he doesn't see the point in pretending just to make someone else feel better.

He also won't over play niceties if someone does a good job. It is their job to do things well, he doesn't see the point in congratulating people unnecessarily. Some people believe he's too cold and it means he cannot do his job, but Nautria is incredibly business minded and intelligent. He is arrogant and knows it, but he sees that as a function of his position. If he doesn't believe he's the best person for the job, no one else will.


Nautria Teskant had a relatively average childhood. He wasn't the most athletic of his peers, but he made up for areas he lacked in his intelligence and tactics. He learned to push the areas he excelled in and work to standard on those he didn't.

When it came time to take his Nsiloq, Nautria knew that a lot rode on it, and so he stuck it out, through pure stubbornness more than anything else, to blue/green. He had no intentions of becoming a Tsevstakre, and so that was as far as he needed.

He took a position on a Tzelik ship as a navigator, perhaps not the most prestigious job ever conceived, but it worked for him well. It gave him a chance to travel and whilst was considered a lesser position to that of a pilot, actually gave him more control. Nautria soon learned that whilst the pilot made the turns etc, it was the navigator who was telling them when to make them. It was their job to be informed about everything in order to make the best decisions. A talent that served him well in later life.

He advanced quickly, and by the time Nautria Teskant was thirty years old, he was a one rank beneath General of the Tzelik. When his General died, Nautria fought hard (and admittedly using quite a bit of dirt) in order to take the top spot.

It was only five years later that the Volsonnar died. In that time, Nautria had overhauled the Tzelik and brought it from strength to strength. Whilst Volsonnar may have been a dream later down the line, he'd never expected for his name to be thrown into the running. However, once it had, he didn't stop until the title was his.

Nautria never stopped working hard, ensuring that the Adveni went from strength to strength. Some believe his decision to take up a place on Earth is misguided and that he should return to Ovtenlaist, but to Nautria, being in the background was never his ideal, and he intends to remain on Earth as long as it is the forefront of the Adveni progression.
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