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Tobias Kazlov
 Posted: Jan 22 2015, 02:29 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Tobias Kazlov
Age: 18 yrs
Current Status: Unregistered Sect Member
Current Occupation: N/A


Both of his parents, Alex and Rachel, are deceased.
He is an only child.


Stands at 5'7" with dark brown hair and hazel eyes with some blue in them.
He looks a little bit younger than he actually is.
Often dressed in hoodies, jeans and sneakers.
Has a dark, handmade leather bracelet on his left wrist.

Playby: Josh Hutcherson


After the war broke out, Kazlov had to grow up faster than a kid should have to. For most part he'll try to act like more of an adult than he really is but he's still a kid at heart, which - at times - will shine through. Due to his young age, he feels like he has more to prove than the other Belsa which has lead to him being sort of an errand boy in the unit he's in.

Kazlov was always an odd duck in school, preferring to sit curled up with a writing block and a pencil in hand rather than spend time with his classmates. That hasn't changed much, although he is trying to get better at talking to and being around people. When meeting new people Kazlov has a tendency to clam up a little but as he's easy to get along with, it rarely lasts long.

Once you pass his guard, he can crack jokes with the best of them.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
Name of Sect: Eighth Army
Rank/Position: Private


Kazlov grew up in Wisconsin and was the only child to Alex and Rachel. To the middle-aged couple, he was a miracle as they'd long struggled to be with child. While the boy was showered in his parents love, they raised him to be a polite young man. With a mother working as a teacher, Kazlov got an early start on reading and writing, which later transferred into his high school years and helped him in his classes.

By the time that Kazlov was starting to think about college, the Adveni invaded. He left the city together with his parents, travelling to Canada. When rumors spread about a safe place down the west coast, they headed back into the US and made their way over.

As they travelled through the country in the back of a truck, they had the misfortune of running into a patrol of Adveni who were looking for stray humans. As soon as the vehicle stopped, the three made a run for it together with the two other families they had travelled with. The Adveni didn't hesitate to open fire. Kazlov didn't stop, not even after all other footsteps had faded and he found himself alone in the woods.

Kazlov eventually made his way to Adlai where he came across the Eighth Army. Joining them, he was an honorary member until his eighteenth birthday hit. At that point he was assigned to Keiran Zanetti's unit where he's been ever since.
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