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» Talassi, Andrés, Wrench
 Posted: Jan 22 2015, 02:27 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Andrés "Wrench" Talassi
Age: 29 yrs
Current Status: Unregistered Sect Member
Current Occupation: N/A


Sisters: Adelaide Talassi (22) and Ciara Talassi (27).
Addie hangs around at the motel but isn't an official Belsa.


Black hair, dark brown eyes and stands at 5'8".

His voice has a light latino accent when he speaks and he frequently switches between english and spanish, generally using the latter when he is referring or speaking to people.

He also has a fading scar on the back of his hand after an accident in school during a woodwork class in high school involving a clumsy classmate and a sheath knife.

Playby: Jay Hernandez


Wrench, and don't call him Andrés (only his sister does that), is the kind of guy who goes through life laughing. He's a talker. He likes having a conversation and getting to know people, he likes telling (according to others) lame jokes and laugh at them. He's a bit of a tease and likes flirting with the ladies, often without the intention of getting anything out of it. He's very easy to get along with and not all that demanding. That said, he wouldn't let anyone walk all over him. He's still a person and he has his limits.

Wrench is a big fan of card games, and extremely good at it. At this point most Belsa know not to go all in when playing with him as it's very likely they would end up losing their money.

Despite being with the Belsa and knowing about the risks of signing up, Wrench dislikes losing people, especially after losing two of his closest friends to the Adveni. It affects him but given enough time to work through it, he usually bounces back to his old self again.


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect: Eighth Army
Rank/Position: Private


Wrench was born in Adlai, his parents originally coming to the US from Buenos Aires. Growing up he was a bit of a rowdy boy, always running through the streets and playing with his friends or playing baseball. He had a lot of energy when he was young and for a while that didn't transition well when he first started in school. After being allowed to play baseball on his free time and pouring his energy into it, things worked out well for him in terms of education.

When the war came, Wrench had both a job and an apartment of his own. In an instant he lost both and the world was turned upside down. Their military was eventually defeated and the Adveni declared themselves the new rulers of Earth.

Wrench heard of the Belsa not long after that and quickly made up his mind to join them. There, he was assigned to a unit with three men: Keiran, Danny and Ian. They spent a good year together and good friends, which was why Ian's sudden death struck them hard. They were later assigned a new private named Tobias Kazlov, a young and at the time cautious kid.

During the flooding of a tunnel, the small unit lost another member: Danny.
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