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Russell Jarvis
 Posted: Jan 13 2015, 07:28 AM
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Russell Jarvis

The Basic Information

Human Assimilated Name: Russell Jarvis
Adveni Name: Haltrok
Age: 38
Occupation: Agrah Staff Sergeant
Military Branch: Agrah


Parents unknown.
Two children, both girls under 10.


Dark hair and eyes, tall and slim, has a long scar from his shoulder to his elbow from the invasion.
Nsiloq Colour: Blue
Playby: Rufus Sewell


Russell is a rather bitter man. He feels he's been overlooked a lot of his life, and while he feigns pleasure as his friends move up in the world, the moment someone passes his by is the moment they start becoming the enemy. Of course, he can't take out his bitter annoyance on them, so he takes it out on those less fortunate, most notably: humans.

He truly sees humans as being the lesser species, made to serve, and so will take out all his anger on those who believe they can rise up or defy him.

Among his friends he is funny, loves to drink, and loves a challenge. Unfortunately, drinking brings out the crueler sides of his nature.


Russell grew up on Ovtenlaist. He was never really the best at anything, and he often saw his friends go on to better things, leaving him behind. Throughout his teenage years he grew bitter that his own talents were being overlooked. He wasn't the smartest kid in training, but he was cunning and manipulative - that didn't matter to them. He wasn't the strongest, but he was quick - That apparently didn't matter either.

Assigned to the Agrah after he was denied entry into the Tsevstakre, Russell's mediocrety continued. He was passed over for promotion, he saw younger soldiers pushed ahead of him. Even though he was injured and almost lost his arm in the war and still managed to continue until the end, nobody seemed to take notice.

While he regained his strength, Russell bought a drysta, Jacob. Things were going alright for a while, but meeting up with Julian again after so long, their drinking started and Jacob became fun to play with. Knowing Jacob would never see him as a good owner again, he bought Isaac. Isaac became his favourite, meek and obeyed him like he were god. Isaac was good for his ego.

When Jacob ran, he knew Isaac must have known. It had all been an act.

Now Jacob's back, he's not going to let any human play him for a fool again. Especially not now he's received the promotion he's been longing for for so long.
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