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» Citizen and Soldier, 2nd Jan 2015, Shanti
Julian Bell
 Posted: Feb 19 2015, 01:13 PM
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January 2, 2015
5 pm

Despite having worked almost non-stop since the New Year had hit, this thanks to the bombs that had gone off in the dwellings, Julian had decided to hit the gym. It was a way for him to get his anger out. Not only did he have to work double shifts but they were also extremely dull and eventless. That a group of humans (he couldn't possibly imagine Adveni setting off bombs aimed at their own people) managed to get the better of them this way was quite frankly, embarassing. Not to mention frustrating.

The fact that they were doing little to nothing to return the favor, aside from the increase of patrols in the city in hopes that one of them would fuck up, was equally as frustrating. Julian tugged the t-shirt down over his torso followed by a hoodie. Tucking his uniform, neatly folded, away in his bag he threw it into the locker before continuing out into the gym itself. Knowing that he'd only stay for an hour or so, he decided to start by hitting the running mill.

Julian clicked the tongue against the roof of his mouth as he passed a sparring ring. Two Adveni were going at it, grabbling each other as they fought for control. Moving on, he moved past the weight lifting area and towards the room that was dedicated towards training your stamina and overall condition. Stepping onto one of the running mills, he started it up and set it on an easy run. He wasn't going to rush into it. It was better to start off slow and get a good warm up.

Jogging at a steady pace, Julian's gaze drifted towards the men and women down in the room below. The wall was made out of glass, offering a good view of a training course that was set up there. Upping the speed on the mill, he set his eyes on a woman who was making her way through the labyrinth below. She was moving quickly, her body small and limber as she dodged and weaved past obstacles.

He'd never run the course before, perhaps it would be good to get a better idea of what he needed to focus on. Julian let out a controlled breath as his heart and breathing kicked up a notch, small beads of sweat forming at his hairline. Although he'd only been there for a few minutes, he was already starting to feel a little bit better, his head a little clearer.

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