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Jacob Stone

Human A.I

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The Human Registry

Name: Jacob Holden Stone
Nickname: Jake
Age: 22
Birthday: 13th May
Prior Occupation: Office Flunky
Current Status: Registered Human, AWOL Slave, & A.I Member
Registration Number: HD9235TS36
Level of Education: Completed College


Father: Johnathon Stone
Mother: Marie Stone
Children: None
Siblings: Two younger sisters: Rebecca (Bex) (18), and Denise (Dessie) (16). Currently, Jacob doesn't know what happened to his family. His family home has been taken as Adveni Quarters.


Height: 5'10
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: hazel brown
Distinguishing Marks: A long whipping scar on his back from his left shoulder down to his right hip. A thin white scar running down the inside of his right forearm. A large burn scar on his left calf. A red scar Nsiloq tattoo on his ribs on his right hand side.
Playby: Darren Criss


Likes and Dislikes: Jacob likes peace and quiet, and will often retreat into himself if things get too busy. He likes small spaces, creating a place he can completely control.
He hates people getting too close to him, and despite his habit of curling himself up in a corner, he hates being blocked in. If you want to get decent conversation from Jacob, do not put yourself between him and his exit.
He likes music and movies, and misses them greatly. He loves listening when people quote movies they used to love, or humming along the tune to that song they've not heard in so long.

Strengths and Weaknesses: When Jacob is on form, he can make pretty much anyone fall in love with him. Not romantically, but in a friendship way. He has an easy charm that people just adore. However, when not in the right frame of mind, everything comes out wrong and he has a habit of accidentally offending people.
He's been watching the people doing medical work in the A.I. and is picking it up extremely quickly.
Despite spending his entire time at college drinking illegally with his friends, Jacob is a lightweight. A couple of beers and he'll think anything is funny, and any dare is worth doing.
While Jacob is generally quiet, and you would think he wouldn't hurt a fly, he does know how to defend himself, and will do it if someone goes too far.

General Personality: If you'd met Jacob two years ago, you would have said he is a typical twenty year old. He was friendly and cheerful, liked a good laugh and a drink with his friends. He didn't like were he was in work, but everyone has to start at the bottom right? Work was just work, and he didn't let it get him down past the occasional rant over a beer with his mates.
Now, however, to meet Jacob Stone is to meet a completely different man to the one who existed a few years before. Jacob is now quiet and shy, often only speaking when spoken to.
When he knows someone well enough, he will slip a little back into his real personality, but until you get to that point, getting to know Jacob can be difficult work. He doesn't trust easily, and he is very private.
Jacob has layer upon layer of guilt chipped into his shoulders, and will do anything to help relieve himself of it, even if it means putting himself in danger.
What people don't really discover until later on is that Jacob has a wicked sense of humour and sharp wit. He really is a smart guy, he's just now so used to hiding his intelligence and originality that you almost have to beat it out of him (though I wouldn't use those words in front of him.)


Are you a Sect Member: Yes
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please answer the next two questions, if you answered 'No', please continue to the next section.
Name of Sect: A.I
Rank/Position Member


Jacob had the life of a pretty ordinary twenty-one year old before all this happened. He'd finished college, had started a job at a newspaper, which is what he wanted. Sure, he wasn't actually doing any articles yet, but he had the job, even if he was just getting people coffee and doing their photocopying.

When the Adveni came out into the open, Jacob registered immediately. He didn't want any reason to make anyone angry. The way he figured it, if he submitted easily, maybe he'd be treated well.

It was a stupid mistake that saw Jacob's downfall. He walked into his home, not realising it had been taken over. For his insubordination, Jacob was thrown into Lyndbury, with the first wave of prisoners.

Because his misconduct had been rather insubstantial, and with more prisoners coming in every day, Jacob was quickly sent to Drysta yard and sold on. His Adveni owner, at first, seemed alright, he sent Jacob on the same kinds of jobs that his office used to have him do. Jacob would be taken into the Headquarters and then sent to do the running around. Generally, it was pretty easy.

After six months, Jacob was fitting in alright. It wasn't the best situation, but he was fed and kept relatively safe. Then, another Adveni came to live in the quarters Jacob's owner was assigned to. Apparently the two knew each other, and quickly got to reminiscing. Jacob barely listened, but when a mug was hurled at his back, all attention had been turned onto him.

For the following eight months, Jacob was beaten, bloodied, and toyed with. The two Adveni took out their frustrations at being on earth/being in unimportant positions/anything they could think of on Jacob, resorting to tools when their fists were not enough. Jacob fought back, but was quickly and repeatedly taught what happens when he hit back, so in the end, he stopped. He allowed them to attack him, to torment and torture him, only ever trying to protect his body from the worst of it.
When even their tools weren't as fun any more, the two brought a friend in, an Adveni who administered Nsiloq tattoos. They scarred Jacob until he screamed, and left him with no relief for his burning skin.

Jacob ran the first chance he got, living in back alleys for a few months, constantly scared he was going to be caught and returned to his owner or Lyndbury. He barely slept, barely ate enough to survive, and resorted to begging. A number of times, he was attacked by drunk Adveni looking for some fun, but their attacks were nothing compared to his owner and his friend's torture.

Jacob was picked up by the Cartel and quickly passed off to the A.I. to be fixed up, where he has been residing for the past week.

Updates: Jacob was living with the A.I when he spotted his sister Denise in Javeknell Square. After some confusion, he was reunited with his youngest sister, and moved in with those she was living with in the camps. However, when some Adveni were tipped off to their location, they were forced back underground with the A.I, only just escaping.
Less than a week later, Jacob was informed his other sister, Rebecca, was safe and staying with a friend. The three of them now live with the A.I, Jacob helping in the Hospital train car, and Dessie and Rebecca helping in whatever ways they can.

Role Play Sample

The dark wood was wet and rotted in places, and there were a few places, nearer to the water, where it had disintergrated altogether, but Ty liked it here. At least, she thought she did. She remembered liking it here, but sitting against one of the wooden posts of the railings that stopped young children, and more safety unconscious teens from running head long into the water, Ty couldn't quite place why.

The star littered sky sparkled, dimmed from the glowing lights of the city, but those lights were just far enough away to still be able to make out Orion with his sword and shield, and infamous belt. Why someone would be famous for their belt, she didn't know, especially when he had a shield and bear killing sword, but that was a question for the ancients, which she would never get to ask.

In all honesty, she didn't even know how she got here. She couldn't rewalk the route she'd taken, nor name any street she'd been on in the last two days. Everything passed in a blur of lights and faces, and she found herself weary with the concentration of it all. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall forwards and away from the glittering lights of the sky high above. Before her, she could see a dank wall, a grotty floor, her own blood stained skin. Ty started and opened her eyes again.

The water looked exactly the way she remembered it to look, oil stained and dirty, in this end of town at least. She wrapped her scarred and bloody arms around her waist, hugging them against herself as she hunched her knees up toward her chest. If only she knew.

She didn't know where to find the people she remembered. She'd tried a few old haunts, but they weren't to be found. She'd even tried her brother's apartment, but he had seemingly moved, a kindly woman begging her to come in and get cleaned up. Ty refused. As nice as it would have been to see some familiar surroundings with nice memories attached, she just couldn't bring herself to go into a confined space, so she headed away, walking aimlessly until she reached the docks.

Hair hung limp and dirty around her face, shielding her pale skin from view. It was a position, a way of life, that had become so normal to her, that she couldn't quite think of how she should be sitting. If you made yourself small, maybe they wouldn't see you, maybe they wouldn't notice. Of course, it never worked, but with no other options available, it was worth a shot.

Ty closed her eyes again and buried her head against her knees, the pressure causing spots to appear behind her eyelids. At least spots were better than another scene. At least the coloured spots were vaguely pretty, glimmering like the stars above, her own little Orion.

The Human behind the Human

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