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Keiran Zanetti

Human Eighth Army

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The Human Registry

Name: Keiran Zanetti
Age: 31 yrs
Birthday: June 30
Prior Occupation: NYPD officer
Current Status: Registered sect-member
Registration Number: HS8347TS18
Level of Education: high school, police academy


Father: Manuel ‘Manny’ Zanetti
Mother: Brianna Walker
Children: None as of yet
Siblings: Claire Walker, half-sister


Height: 5’11
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Playby: Chris Evans


Likes and Dislikes:
✖ bets, competitions and challenges
✖ money and its advantages
✖ expensive alcohol
✖ strong, spicy food
✖ snakes and reptiles

✖ surprises of most kinds
✖ celebrations; birthday and holidays
✖ liars, though he lies himself
✖ not being allowed to sleep
✖ naive dreamers

Strengths and Weaknesses:
✖ Confident and appears fearless
✖ Quick learner
✖ Adapts easily
✖ Perceptive
✖ Good instincts

✖ Demanding
✖ Somewhat introvert
✖ Greedy
✖ Impatient
✖ Domineering; his way or the high way
✖ Sore loser

General Personality: Most people who gaze upon Keiran would think that he’s an upstanding and exemplary citizen. Well, surprise. He isn’t. Nothing matters more to this man than money. His belief is, and always will be, that money can get you everything you need. He's sought a position of power his entire life. The only reason he became a cop was because he knew there was easy cash to be made, despite the bad salary. After a while, criminals knew that he was the guy to go to if they wanted their business to be left alone by the cops. He’ll still turn his head the other way for a couple of extra bills. Loyalty means close to nothing to Keiran. After an early abandonement from his family he learned to only care for himself and only trust himself. However, looks can be deceiving. He’s a very charming man who’s got a way with words. He enjoys flirting with the ladies as well as bringing them home, and he’s never had any trouble making "friends". Thing is, people generally think too highly of him and that, in turn, proves to him that people see what they want to see. He’s never had an honest relationship, or friendship, in his entire life. Everything he does, everything he is – there’s always some part of him that is a lie.


Are you a Sect Member: yes
Name of Sect: Eight Army
Rank/Position Sergeant


Up to the age of eight Keiran lived happily with his small family, consisting of only him and the two newly wedded parents. It was shortly after his birthday that his father left the family because of his mothers infidelity. She was tired of living on his father’s low income, and firmly told her son that Manny, his father, left because no matter what people said love couldn’t conquer all. His mother, Bri, married her new husband two months later. Keiran slowly slipped from his mothers mind as all her attention focused on Noah and all his riches and countless gifts. It got worse when the two had a baby. Keiran ran away from home countless of times and each time the police brought him back home.

When he was eleven he started tagging the neighbourhood with graffiti. When he turned twelve he tried his first joint. Same year he beat up a three year older kid who messed with him at school. When he hit fifteen he was given a contact from an organisation that specialized in young criminals. Gabriel King became Keirans salvation and for a while the old man set Keiran on the right track. He went back to school and handled his studies. He even found himself a few friends. Despite the effort Gabriel put into helping Keiran he still couldn’t stand being home. Bri spent most of her time with her baby princess while Noah was busy with work. It didn’t take long before Keiran stole his step-fathers credit card and used a fake ID to get into a club. He quickly got himself into a lot of trouble but since Noah thought that they were still family he didn’t press charges and he paid the club to let it go.

Bri set up for Keiran to move out of the house after this incident. She arranged for Gabriel to take him in, not knowing what kind of impact it would have on her son. Keiran felt abandoned. Shortly after turning sixteen he left town and made his way from Washington to New York. He picked up his real fathers last name and began studying. Since he’d never actually been to juvy, despite his previous crimes, Keiran managed to get into the NY police academy after turning 20. As he worked to become an officer he started working on forging IDs and passports. Whatever time was left in between was dedicated to partying and getting drunk. Somehow he passed the exams and at the age of 23 he was a fully fledged officer. Keiran was teamed up with a partner and after a while he managed to talk the same partner into earning some extra cash by looking the other way when criminals paid for it.

Keirans behaviour continued up to the point when the invasion took place. He’d never really pledged to protect the people so instead of covering their ass he covered his own and made sure to stay alive. Once the dust settled he quickly realised that there was no way he would be able to earn cash like he’d done before. So he stepped up a level. After contacting the Adveni he managed to talk them into letting him work as their guy on the inside. Once the preparations had been made he put an effort into contacting Eight Army. He joined, fought by their side and subtly began creeping up their ranks. All the while working on a way to slowly crush them and earn money without painting himself out as the traitor.

Update: After spending nearly two years in the Eighth without being discovered Keiran continues to make friends with most he sees. His reputation as a womanizer also grows as he starts taking Georgianna Lennox to bed on a regular basis as well as flirting wildly with most women that catch his eye. Although his life has been mostly good there's also been a couple of setbacks. First Zachary Knowles figured out he was in bed with the Adveni. Then he got himself into a big mess involving Georgianna and some psycho Adveni who was obsessed with her. Last but not least his informant, Ty Addison, (with help from Alec Cartwright) manages to get her hands on a list dates and places where he's previously met his handlers. Yeah... Zanetti's life is getting more interesting than he wants it to be.

Role Play Sample

A fresh wind was blowing outdoors. It was one of the less admirable nights of Las Vegas. The rain was pouring down mercilessly, leaving most of the people - locals or tourists - inside. Even so the weather was not bad enough to convince people to stay at home. The room spreading out in front of him, packed with people, were evidence of that. Few tables were free for taking. Max decided to take place at the bar, for now. Squeezing in between two guys he drummed his fingers against the counter to catch the bartenders attention. The blonde girl serving the men smiled at him. He didn't smile back. Not at first. "Give me a glass of your strongest, miss."

The woman only nodded, earning herself a hint of a smile from the Levo before his attention turned to the dartboard that hung on the wall just next to him. Three men were taking turns throwing. He figured they were playing some sort of game. Waiting for his drink he continued to watch them. After a minute or so the man with a black beanie came out as a winner. He noted that the other two men had a bitter look on their faces as they paid up what they owed the beanie.

Max attention was brought back to the bartender as she set the a glass of pure vodka down in front of him. He plucked a few bills out of his jacket pocket and handed them over with a low thanks. With his drink in his hand, Max went to seek out a table. His eyes skipping from left to right.

It was around that time the Levo found himself a familiar face amongst the drinkers and gamblers of the pub. She looked just like he remembered when she'd put him away a few years with a smile on her face. He arched an eyebrow and made his way over to her table. "My oh my, Liliana Martello, you haven't changed a bit since the last time I saw you."

The Human behind the Human

Name: Ciz
Gender: Female
Age: 20 yrs
How you found us: <3
Any Previous Characters: There's sooooo many of them!
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