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Leah Monroe

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May 26 2015, 02:39 AM


The Human Registry

Name: Leah Monroe
Age: 28 yrs
Current Status: Registered
Current Occupation: Stall owner


Older sister of Ashley Monroe, 25 yrs old.
Her parents were Christa and Brandon Monroe, both deceased.


Leah stands 5'9" tall with hazel eyes and long, dark hair. She has a birthmark on the right side of her face, next to her nose. On the inside of her left wrist is a tattoo of three silhouettes of birds in flight.

Playby: Jaimie Alexander


All of her life, Leah has been a hard worker. She knows that you can't dance through life. You're going to bump into trouble along the way and some days are going to be more difficult than others. Despite that, she rarely complains about work or life at home. She's quite content with living her ordinary life. One of the things that matter most to Leah is family. She's always been very protective of her younger sister, ever since Ashley first fell sick as a child.

As for the Adveni, Leah doesn't really have an opinion of them. She doesn't judge them all simply because they happened to be at war with them but she is wary of them. She knows that there are a few rotten eggs out there and that some of them mean humans harm. Leah is not as open-minded as her sister when it comes to a lot of things. Where Ashley sees the good in people, Leah sees the good and the bad.


Are you a Sect Member: No


Leah was the firstborn child in the family by three years. When she was three years old, her little sister was born. Since the young baby was born a month early it took a long, long time (according to three year old little Leah) for her mother and her baby sister to come home. When they finally did and she got to see the baby, she was struck by how sweet and fragile the little thing looked. Her own little sister. She decided then that she would always be with her. As she grew older, she began to protect her.

At the age of ten Leah was a healthy, energetic child with a nose for trouble. She did a lot of mischief, most of which was aimed at Ashley, although by the time that her baby sister was diagnosed with cancer things changed. She calmed down and turned into her sister's keeper once more. When Ashley was in pain she would tell her stories of bravery and when she cried she would hold her until she fell asleep. Nobody thought Ashley would survive but she did.

Life started looking up for the family after that. Leah went on to get her high school and later her college degree. She started working part-time at a café while she continued her studies to become a journalist. Once she was able to land a job at a local newspaper, she quit her old job and focused on journalism. She worked there for little over two years before the Adveni invaded. The Monroe family stuck together but unfortunately their father died in the initial bombings. Later, their mother died as well.

Left by themselves the two siblings began to travel through the United States. By the time they finally reached Adlai, the war ended and they decided to settle. With little to no savings left they decided to start a flower shop in St John's Market. They've been doing it ever since and so far, there's been enough business for the sisters to stay afloat.
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