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Vanessa Slade
 Posted: Oct 7 2016, 12:59 PM
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The Human Registry

Name: Vanessa Louanne Slade.
Nickname: Nessa... if you're Christopher. If not, don't.
Age: 27 years old.
Birthday: 1st of July, 1989.
Prior Occupation: Retail, it was hell.
Current Status: Unregistered human.
Registration Number: N/A.
Level of Education: High School graduate


Father: Never knew him, but she had a stepdad named Tony Slade.
Mother: Audrey Underwood, she never officially married him.
Children: One, taken from her by the social services.
Siblings: Ruddy and little Lennie, so yeah, two.


Height: 5'1
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Playby: Kat Graham


Likes and Dislikes:
Christopher - She goes where he goes, and will do anything for him. Yes, anything.
Material girl - Nessa especially loves things that are considered 'out of her reach'.
Maroon 5 - One of her favorite bands, she loves their mix of dirty and fun.
Cupcakes - There is no kind of sweet that beats a delicious little cupcake.

Nosey people - Some have tried getting between her and Christopher, it never ends well.
Being left out - Pretty self-explanatory, she wants to be included... not shut out.
The cold - She's definitely a summer kind of girl. That said, she likes bundling up in layers.
The Adveni - Pompous asses, the lot of them. She jumps on the chance to make their day miserable.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Smooth criminal - She's been thieving for most her life, mainly pick-pocketing, and it's paid off.
Fleeting interest - What sparks her interest one day may very well be discarded the next. The only exception so far has been Christopher who is her one constant and whom she doesn't want to be without. The same goes for everything he's ever given her.
Kleptomaniac - Sometimes, actually quite often, she can't help herself. She might just be passing something that catches her eye and take it, more often than not because she can. Doesn't matter that she'll often get rid of it within a few days.
Love - There is no denying that Vanessa is utterly and completely blinded by it.
Lightweight - When it comes to alcohol she's quite the lightweight and gets buzzed easily.

General Personality:
From first glance Nessa might seem like a really sweet and loving girl. She is. She loves with all her heart and soul. Christopher is a huge part of her life and as a result, she wants to please him in every way she can. She's very submissive in that sense but when you love as deeply as she does, things can go a little wrong. She's very prone to jealousy and enjoys claiming Christopher in front of others, and on a bad day she can turn quite vicious when it comes to defending her man.

Nessa is a girl on the run from her past. She's haunted by the decisions she's made that lead to one of her biggest regrets; losing custody of her child. She wants nothing more than forget about it. Luckily, Christopher makes it a lot easier and these past years on the road with him have been, and continue to be, the best time of her life. He makes her feel alive, even if it's not always in the healthiest ways.

She's always up for a little fun and excitement, using whatever means she can to achieve her goals. Nessa feels no shame in using her sexuality as a tool. No, she will not have sex with you to get what she wants (duh, she has a boyfriend) but there's more to the game than sex. She's learned that a playful smile and a little show of skin can get you a long way. Knowing that the strategy might piss Christopher off, she tries not to abuse it when he's with her... though sometimes she can't help but do it because of that very reason. Watching her man standing up for her is pretty fucking sexy.


Are you a Sect Member: No
Name of Sect:


Being a single mother in the United States is hard work. Being the single mother to two children and living on minimum wage? Well, that nearly drove Audrey into the ground. With a husband who abandoned her when she was pregnant with their second child, Vanessa was born without a father in her life and she spent her first twelve years without one. Of course, at an early age she didn't quite understand it but as she began to grow older the feelings of betrayal started seeping in.

Needless to say she felt abandoned. Her mother expected her and her brother to grow up faster than a child should, all to take care of the house and their little sister who was born after a brief fling with a man who'd barely entered their life before leaving again. Being a religious woman Audrey Underwood didn't believe in abortions.

Ruddy - her brother - became less and less of a presence in the house as he got older, leaving Vanessa in charge. School soon became as much of a chore as life at home did when she was forced to see that her sister got dinner instead of doing her homework, and it didn't take long before Vanessa started lashing out and followed in her brother's footsteps. She started ditching school, spending her time in the nearby park drinking beer and hanging out with the oldest kids at school. It was also when she started her career as a thief, stealing things like candy and clothes. Despite attempts by her mother to see her back on the right path Audrey didn't have the energy to fight with her daughter.

She got that from her father, Audrey used to say.

Vanessa hated it.

The only father she recognizes was the one she got to know at the age of twelve. Tony Slade was an auto-mechanic who entered the family's life after he met Audrey at the shop where he'd changed the tires of her car. Slowly but surely the man inserted himself into their lives, bringing order where there hadn't been any. He took the time and steered Vanessa from a self-destructive path when her own mother couldn't bother. He taught her what it meant to have respect for herself, and for her body, at a time where she'd had none.

Unfortunately, Tony Slade died weeks before she graduated high school after he was involved in a hit and run. Six years she had with him. Six years and the man who'd killed Tony was only given a two years sentence. It wasn't fair. Distancing herself from the rest of her family she found herself a (questionable) boyfriend, to who she dedicated most of her life and later moved in with. It was easier that way.

She thought she was making all the right choices yet when she became pregnant with their child, he left her to fend for herself. Much like her own father had abandoned her before she'd been born. As a young woman just out of high school, with no real job and unable to support herself, she was forced to move back home.

The next ten months were hell.

She endured the pregnancy under her mother's constant complaining that she'd gone and ruined her life at such a young age, all the while finding herself back into the routine of looking after her little sister and taking care of the house. When the child was finally born Vanessa packed her things and left.

She changed her last name to Slade, found herself a decent apartment with the help of a couple of friends from the next town over and got herself a job to cover their living expenses. Alas, the town she moved into was big on showing off how great of a life they were living, how their husbands had bought them a beautiful necklace or how much they wanted this and that. The pressure pushed her into stealing again, regularly, as to be able to keep up the lie that she was living as good a life as her friends and that she was providing for her kid. It didn't hold. Shortly after the police got involved, the social services got in touch and all at once her life crumbled. Her child was taken away from her and she spent six months in prison for theft.

When Vanessa got out, she did little to change her ways. It was easier to scrounge her way through life than try to pick a fight with the social services and get her kid back. So, that's what she did... all the while numbing her guilt with alcohol and a pretty smile.

When the war with the Adveni started Vanessa did what any sane person would do. She gathered up supplies, found a place to lay low and waited it out. Of course, hunkering down in a building with little to no contact with the real world meant that she didn't get to hear about the end of the war until a week after the Adveni had declared themselves the winners, or the requirement that all human register themselves.

They picked her up when she was trying to hitch a ride on the road and upon finding her without registration papers, she was detained and waiting to be transported to a compound. They told her that she'd most likely be sold as a slave seeing as her transgression was small. It was no comfort. Even less so when a (dashing) man named Christopher paid for her to be handed over to him even before she'd been transported.

For a time she really believed him to be Adveni, and having heard rumors about them she did everything he asked of her without fail, afraid what might happen if she disobeyed. It was only after a while that she started picking up on odd little details in the way he behaved, and in the things he told her.

Vanessa had always been a smart girl, yet she didn't confront him about her theories. She didn't want to because she thought that if she did, what they had would end, and that he would leave her. She's not sure when she started falling in love with him but she did and driving him away was something she didn't want to risk. So she stayed quiet and continued to dance after his will.

Eventually, he came clean on his own and thankfully Vanessa's fears to be unfounded. They stayed together, survived together, and while their means of survival eventually drove them on the run she's never loved him more.

The next stop on their "honeymoon"?

Adlai, of course.

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The Human behind the Human

Name: Ciz
Gender: Female
Age: 25 yrs
How you found us: Guess who's screwed, screwed again
Any Previous Characters: Cizzler's screwed... so 's her friend.
(To the tune of "Without Me" by Eminem.)

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